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Seriously – do you want to make money online from the comfort of your home?

Thousands of people are doing exactly that.

When you join You will get immediate access to over 1 million dropship products that you can start selling immediately. You can make money online by selling on eBay, Amazon, Trade Me or from your own website and really anywhere else you may think of.

You can even purchase products for yourself and get them at wholesale prices.

This Is Nothing New, But It Is…

People have been making money selling on e-Bay, Amazon and Trade Me plus other marketplaces for years now, so the concept is nothing new.

What is new is the automation that is now available to make the whole process so much easier.

Make Money on e-Bay

It couldn’t be simpler!

  • You can simply browse the products until you find something that you would like to sell and can see that has a profit in it for you.
  • You then use the e-Bay listing tool to push the selected products through to your e-Bay sellers account. This lists the product for sale and includes the description and pictures so you just need to select the selling price you want.
  • When the sale is made the buyer pays you directly and provides the shipping address.
  • You then purchase the product at the wholesale price and have it delivered directly to the buyer.

 The keys to making money selling on e-Bay are;

  1. Finding those products you want to sell at the right wholesale price
  2. Selling enough products

You therefore need to ensure that your wholesaler has good prices to offer you and a robust process in place to ensure that the shipping happens seamlessly. This is also the huge advantage that dropshipping has – they hold the products so you can sell as little or as much as you want and you know the product is there to supply without you having to fund the inventory.

Finding Wholesale Products To Sell

This has always been the biggest challenge and most people have been purchasing from Amazon and selling on e-Bay. The reason for this is that Amazon are such a well known and trusted marketplace, but the disadvantages are the number of people doing the same thing and the prices that Amazon offer are not typically going to allow you a big enough margin.

To make serious money you need to be buying from a true wholesaler that offers dropshipping.

This means you can access wholesale products online and have delivered straight to your buyer.

  • No cost for you to hold inventory
  • Access 24/7 from anywhere with internet access
  • Products delivered directly from the wholesaler to your buyer
  • You only pay for the product after you have been paid

Dropship over 1 million products


You Can Make Real Profits Selling Real Dropship Products

Here is one example so imagine having access to one million products just like this one.

PhillipsItem Name: Philips Dcm250/37 Stereo System With Iphone/ipod Dock

Normal Price: $202.99
Your Wholesale Price: $69.29

And this is how much you can sell it.

eBay selling price: $90.99+ => Just click here
Amazon selling price: $162.30 => Just click here

Your Profit: Ranges from $30.70 to $92.00

Even just one sale a day with ‘say’ a USD$50 profit = USD$18,250 per year!

With a system like this you can build a business from anywhere in the world that has internet access which makes this an ideal way to make money online from home and it only needs to take a few hours a day to list the products and manage the sales.

Of course e-Bay is a great place to market your product, but you can also sell product on Amazon, on your own website (a great idea) or on other marketplaces like Trade Me. If you want your own website it can be set up with live feeds directly from the wholesaler so you always have the latest pricing (specials etc) and never get caught out with “out of stock” items.

What Are My Risks?

Your risks in starting a dropship business is very small. Normal new businesses will require a large sum of working capital to cover several expenses, such as rent, warehouse space, employees, etc. With a dropship business, you eliminate all these extra expenses.

There is no products to buy up front
There are no required upfront marketing costs to sell on e-Bay
You don’t have to warehouse any products
You don’t need any staff
You don’t have to pay any rental for office space – work from home

This is a business suited to anyone that wants a low cost business to operate from home.

Dropship over 1 million products


This is an easy way to set up a home business where anyone can make money online.