Would You Like A Quality First Home Like This?

Would You Like A Quality First Home Like This?

Most people think of a first home as being something cheap and in need of some renovations; however many professional couples are now looking for a quality first home with minimal maintenance.

New homes are of course great and with the lending rules they are often now just as easy to buy as the older homes – at least they do not need a 20% deposit.

Start With A Quality First Home

Quality properties tend to hold the value better and especially when they are in desirable areas like Hobsonville Point.

a quality first home

This home is a brand new 151m² 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom standalone home advertised by Jalcon Homes with an asking price of $959,000

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These homes are perfect for young professionals or families with children who like to enjoy the outdoors without being too far away from the essentials. These homes start from $959,000 and choose between the 7 upgrades to personalise your new quality first home.

People Love Hobsonville Point

Everyone is talking about Hobsonville -and with good reason!

It has New Zealand’s largest shopping centre development just minutes away, new primary and secondary schools, cycle and walk ways, gorgeous local cafes, ferry services from The Landing and the award wining waterfront Farmers Market.

Being a new suburb planned from the ground up means everything has been well thought out and the infrastructure is in place to support the area.

There are already a lot of good reasons to live at Hobsonville Point, but there are plenty more things planned to happen too. The Landing is on the waterfront and is going to be home to more restaurants and bars and there is a new Marine Centre planned to accommodate the yacht club and rowing club.

Come and have a look for yourself.

There are a number of show-homes on Liquidambar Drive and the Hobsonville Point information centre located behind Catalina Cafe at 1 Hastings Street, includes a master plan of the development, a 3D model showing the point’s amenities

Getting Finance For Your First Home

Many first home buyers find the hardest part of getting onto the property ladder is the requirement for a 20% deposit.

In most cases a 20% deposit is required which means to buy a first home worth ‘say’ $500,000 (if you can find one in Auckland!) would mean you need a deposit of $100,000. If you are building a new house then the requirements are not the same and you can get away with a 10% deposit; meaning the same $100,000 deposit would get you a $1,000,000 home.

Hobsonville also has it’s own local mortgage brokers to help you sort out the finances.

The team at The Mortgage Supply Company – Hobsonville are available to help you source the finance required, and principal mortgage broker Stuart Wills also lives at Hobsonville Point in a new home built by Jalcon Homes so he can explain the finance and the building process using his own experiences.

Stuart is happy to speak with you about building your own home no matter what building company you select to work with, and wherever the house is being built.

It may be easy than you think to get a quality first home like this.

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