Why I Joined OnPassive & Why You Should Too

People have asked why I joined OnPassive as this can help explain why they should consider joining too.

The first question should not be about a specific business model, but you should think about what makes a great business.

Let’s think about a product like Zoom.

It’s been incredibly successful because people have been stuck at home and it’s become an ideal way to communicate. 

It’s really just a simple business tool that people are prepared to pay for, but it’s just one tool.

Imagine if you could pay one subscription and get a host of online tools for your business…

Well that would be a business worth joining!

If you are searching for an online business to join then the most important thing is that it’s going to have products that are going to be market leading and in demand.

It doesn’t matter how good a presentation looks, or the percentage of commission available – if the product is not market leading and therefore in demand then you are not going to make much from the business.

So in today’s world what are people demanding?

Business People Will Pay For Marketing Automation

I know in my business as a mortgage adviser I have a range of marketing automation tools that I have purchased or subscribed to from a number of sources.

My business is not unique in this, and there will be literally millions of businesses that are using marketing automation tools and paying a lot for them too.

A lot of business opportunities emerge with the development of technology and other aspects of the market.

With the increase in the number of business opportunities, it is hard to gain a competitive edge in the industry. With many technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and nanotechnology are influencing many businesses to adopt innovations to enhance their business activities.

OnPassive is a path-breaking platform for businesses who are seeking AI’s potential to change their way of doing business.

What Is OnPassive?

OnPassive is an automated marketing platform that is going to be available soon.

This is an excellent platform that can help to take any business to the next level with market leading technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and nanotechnology. These all sound quite techo but they are what will make the difference to businesses over the next decade and beyond.

There are countless implementations of artificial intelligence especially as part of fully functional tools such as:

● Privatized inbox

● Virtual private network

● Marketplace

● Flexible wallets

● Video conferences

These are just a few of the areas that OnPassive can help a business excel in.

But OnPassive Offers A Business Opportunity Too

Currently there are many businesses that offer online business tools for a monthly subscription.

If you recommend those tools of promote them then you may receive an affiliate commission which is generally a one-off commission for referring people to but that product or service. Some of the affiliate programmes do continue to pay commissions monthly while the subscription remains in place.

There are quite a few people that earn a reasonable income from affiliate commissions.

Buy OnPassive has decided to use a matrix so you can earn commissions down to four levels in the same way that some of the multi-level marketing companies do. This means that you get rewarded for bringing people into the business as well as for promoting to the end users.

I joined as a founder for a discounted pre-launch price of USD$97 and this way have reserved a spot at the top.

This could be the business opportunity that you’ve been looking for.