Why Does This Government Not Share Their Plan With Us?

So we are two months into the new year (2021) and we should be taking advantage of our ability to live a “normal life” after the year which saw COVID change the world as we knew it.

In general Kiwi businesses have managed to survive up until now and many were looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020 and hello to customers as the boarders start to open.

But in many ways 2021 has started off worse than 2020 with Auckland now plunging into a second lockdown and the real possibility that this Government will continue to put us into lock downs every time their is a new COVID case.

We hear the Government saying that businesses need to adapt to the new environment and businesses will of course try; however it is difficult to plan.

We know that it is difficult for the Government to plan too as they have been talking about this plan that they have, but  have not been able to tell anyone what this plan is.

what is this pl;an?

What Is The Plan?

We have a plan to keep New Zealand moving – and it’s already underway” sourced: Labour Party website

Jacinda and her team told us that they had a plan and it’s still showing on the Labour Party website as the first sentence under the polices.

Of course it is an easy thing to say at election time, but months later and we still have not been told what the plan is.

It seems that the only plan is to close everything down each time there is a case of COVID within the community. This is not a realistic way to act and economically will cripple the country to a point that is even worse than we are already expecting.

I’ve been waiting to see details of this plan and I’m still waiting, but realistically I do not believe that there is a plan or has ever been a plan.

Or maybe “this plan” is not about economic recovery but is about controlling the people.

New Zealand Does Have A COVID Problem

We could say that we have been lucky to avoid the health impacts of COVID, and some would say that this has been easier due to the geographic isolation on the country.

But it’s come at a huge economic cost!

The country was in a good financial position a year ago although pre COVID we had seen the economy slow and spending was getting out of control.

When COVOD hit and the country was put into lock-down the Government threw out the economic plans and they started throwing money around to help keep people in jobs. You could say that it worked because most businesses survived and people stayed employed, although most business people knew that 2021 was going to be the year when the hard decisions would need to be made. Everyone was hoping that the country would recover and the economy would stay strong too.

Many in the world may look at New Zealand and say how lucky we are to have had avoided the worst of COVID and because of this we have seen Jacinda being put on a pedestal; however these people have now looked at the costs that we will now bear for decades as we try and recover from the impact of this.

In the years ahead I expect we will be questioning if it was really worth it.

We know that the tourism industry has been hit hard in New Zealand with the boarders closed.

What many people don’t know is the funeral industry has also been affected with less deaths than normal and the inability to have crowds for funerals while in Level 3 and 4. It has been reported that there have been a lot fewer people with the flu and up to 1,500 less deaths during 2020.

Let’s Hear What This Plan Is

As New Zealanders we should be demanding to know what this Governments plan is.

Sure, we do not want to see unnecessary deaths due to COVID but we also want to see what they plan to do to manage our economy. If we don’t have a strong economy we are going to see far more deaths in the future when we cannot afford the healthcare for treatments and the many other services that we currently expect to be provided.

I don’t think anyone is expecting too much from the Government, but we need to know what they plan to do (or not do) so we all know what we should be planning.