Who Wants To Share In Amazon’s Success?

It would be a dream to have purchased Amazon shares when they first were available, but you can still share in Amazon’s success today.

During 2020 as the World was dealing with COVID, some companies which operated in the online space were seeing profits sky rocketing.

One of the most well known of these companies was Amazon.

Quoted on Fortune “If you were designing a company from scratch that could capitalize on a global crisis, it would probably look a lot like Amazon” and it’s hard to argue when you see how they performed: “for the three months ended in March, Amazon brought in $75.4 billion in revenue—a 26% gain over 2019”

Amazon is now a household name in America and around the World and in 2020 Amazon jumped three spots on the Fortune 500 list to No. 2—its highest ranking ever.

Join In The Growth At Amazon

Of course Amazon is a listed company and you can buy shares in it.

Amazon shares trade with the ticker symbol AMZN on the NASDAQ exchange and there are plenty of companies that report on the business like Yahoo! Finance.

But buying shares is not the only way to share in the success of Amazon.

They also have one of the best affiliate marketing programmes meaning anyone can open an account and earn from directing people to the Amazon websites. They track the referrals and if a purchase is made by someone that you sent to Amazon then you will earn a commission.

This is a simple affiliate link, and if you used this to visit Amazon and then ended up purchasing then I would earn a commission.

Some people say that the commissions from Amazon are too low, but the great thing with Amazon is that people know and trust then so the chance of buying is higher than many other websites. They also have a huge range of products so people can find products to buy.

Of course some affiliate marketers will chase higher commissions and some are very high.

But why are some affiliate commissions higher?

Generally because it is harder to make a sale.

For people that are new to affiliate marketing it’s probably going to be a lot easier to promote Amazon where you can make multiple sales; albeit at a lesser commission. Amazon suggest that of all the people that click a link through to Amazon, about 4% will make a purchase.

Your aim therefore is to get as many people clicking on the links as this will directly affect your sales and therefore income.

So what’s the easiest way to get people to click links?

Create Your Own Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept but unless you have a website with a lot of people visiting then making money online with affiliate marketing can be more difficult.

Of course you can set up website and buy traffic to ensure that you get the numbers visiting and therefore buying, but that can be costly.

Another way is to set up a review site as Google loves these types of websites so they are easier to get free traffic. Of course you need to get the website set up to target keywords so you are not competing with the better established sites, but there is plenty of scope for that.

These are a couple that I have set up;

    1. The Power Tools Pundit is a website set up to focus firstly on the best rotary tool for 2021 and then other tool reviews will be added. The reason for selecting this focus was a combination of a good number of Google searches and low competition for this keyword.
    2. The Kitchenware Expert is a similar website but the focus is the best under sink water filter 2021.

I didn’t set these up myself, but instead had them set up for me and the training too.

You can contact me if you would like to know more.

create a long-term passive income and share in Amazon's success for years to come

Be Prepared To Invest To Share In Amazon’s Success

Nothing in life is free and these websites do cost a bit, but they were not expensive.

But … success is not guaranteed or immediate.

Websites do need some work and time to ensure that they become visible when people start searching on Google.

There are many ways to do this and training available, plus many people will invest in advertising too.

The best thing with one of these websites is that it can create a long-term passive income and share in Amazon’s success for years to come.