What’s The Best New Zealand Finance Blog?

It is quite hard to find a genuine New Zealand finance blog with most being either designed for those working within the finance industry, written by banks or by the political parties.

For The Finance Industry

There are some blogs designed for those working within the financial services industry like Good Returns  and The Mortgage Magazine.

Lifestyle Blogs

There are some lifestyle blogs like NZ Muse and Dim Post which can be quite opinionated.

The New Zealand newspapers now have an online presence and often talk about finance. The two key sites are the NZ Herald and the Stuff websites. There are also political blogs like The Daily Blog which is a left-wing blog and Whale Oil which is a right wing blog.

My personal blog here is another example of a blog with a finance focus.

The Best New Zealand Finance Blog

If you are looking for easy to read and relevant information on mortgages and finance in New Zealand then I write a finance blog for my mortgage broking business; North West Mortgages Limited which trades as The Mortgage Supply Company in Hobsonville, Auckland.

New Zealand Finance Blog

Is this the best finance blog?

Maybe it is the best finance blog, maybe not … but I try to ensure that it is updated often and contains a lot of useful information.

Go and have a look: https://northwestmortgages.co.nz/blog/

I would love to know what you think of the finance blog and welcome any comments.