We Love To Celebrate Success … Congratulations David

We Love To Celebrate Success … Congratulations David

As kiwis we love to celebrate success, and it’s a great endorsement to any business when one of the team win awards.
So it was great to be at the PAA Awards dinner last night to celebrate with David Windler and the Mortgage Supply Company team.

We Love To Celebrate Success … Congratulations David

The Professional Advisers Association is the industry body for mortgage brokers in New Zealand and last night they had their awards dinner. We were there to see David Windler take out the top award for mortgage brokers in New Zealand.

Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2017

David Windler, The Mortgage Supply Company

David is one of New Zealand’s leading mortgage advisers and is passionate about providing tailor-made solutions for his clients. David prides himself in delivering excellent results no matter the complexity of the situation, from first home buyer to multi-property investor, and believes good advisers are like good coaches: they “empower, educate and lead”.

It’s great to see David awarded the Mortgage Adviser of the Year and to see The Mortgage Supply Company recognised in this manner too.

This is how our industry see’s David.

We Joined The Mortgage Supply Company In 2016

This year we also celebrated 20-years in the financial services industry.

Stuart Wills started in 1997 as an insurance broker and very quickly started arranging finance for people.

Many people know both David and Stuart as top West Auckland mortgage brokers.

Stuart operated under the Mortgage Link brand for 12-years until 2016 when the business re-branded and joined The Mortgage Supply Company. It was not an easy decision to make the change, but it’s been a great move.

The Mortgage Supply Company is a very professional business which is recognised by the banks and lenders and this makes it easier for the mortgage brokers to get good results for customers. Ultimately a mortgage brokers suppliers are the banks and non-bank lenders so there is a need for good lender relationships and this is where being part of The Mortgage Supply Company does make a huge difference.

In New Zealand there are a lot of mortgage brokers that work on their own from home offices. While this can work ‘okay’ it does not portrait a professional image in the eyes of the banks and major non-bank lenders. Mortgage brokers need those banks and major non-bank lenders to treat the brokers as professionals and in turn support the finance applications that are presented.

So CONGRATULATIONS again to David for being awarded the Mortgage Adviser of the Year 

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