Tower Full Replacement House Cover Includes Full Cover For Fire

Tower Have Full Replacement House Cover For Fire!

full replacement house cover

Tower say they listened to the people of New Zealand about the concerns regarding the uncertainty of house insurance and are the first insurance company in New Zealand to reintroduce full replacement house cover for fire.

What Has Changed?

In early 2013 most of the house insurance policies in New Zealand moved to the sum insured model meaning it was up to the house owner to ensure that they had the correct value for rebuilding their house, so if they needed to make a claim for full replacement they were not going to be left short of money to complete the rebuild.

Since then, Kiwi homeowners have been uncertain about whether they have the right cover for their home. Many people opted to pay for a specific insurance valuation while others used online calculators or did nothing.

House insurance is important, but most insurance advisers and New Zealand mortgage brokers will say you should consider a mortgage protection cover as well and especially to include some form of repayment cover or income cover.

cover for fireFire Is The Most Common Cause For Total Loss

Everyone in New Zealand will remember the Christchurch earthquake and the people that lost their homes; however after these natural disasters fire is the most common cause for the total loss of a home.

Unlike major earthquakes, house fires happen around the country every day and a lot of Kiwis have had their lives turned upside down from the aftermath of a house fire. A good house insurance policy does not stop the fire, but it does help compensate for the financial loss a house fire causes.

In the period from 2012-2013, the New Zealand Fire Service statistics show there were 6,491 fires in residential buildings which is on average more than 120 house fires every week.

Don’t Get Caught Short

Tower say they listened to the people about the concerns regarding the uncertainty of house insurance and for that reason they have automatically included full replacement house cover for fire on all house policies, and without increasing the cost of your insurance.

They also offer a very comprehensive contents cover and vehicle cover too.

Be rewarded for having multiple policies with TOWER Insurance.

Not only do you save money by having your house cover, contents cover and vehicle cover together. It also makes life easier by having all your general insurance in one place so you only need to call one number for claims or service.

You could also use the one event, one excess benefit.

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It costs you nothing to get a comparative quote and you can then rest with the certainty that you have full replacement cover for fire along with the other benefits of a well designed policy.

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