Top Auckland Mortgage Brokers Look At What Is Important Today

Top Auckland Mortgage Brokers Look At What Is Important Today

Some of the top Auckland mortgage brokers are starting to look at what will be perceived as the most important things in the post COVID environment.

With the second lock-down Auckland mortgage brokers have realised that the market in New Zealand’s largest city is a bit different to the rest of the country, and also that if anyone is going to be bouncing into various levels of lock-down it is more likely to be Auckland.

Good Advisers Are Busy

With the changes in regulation we are likely to see a decline in the number of adviser businesses and mortgage brokers will seek to link up with good business models where they can have the systems and support rather than the cheaper ‘work from home’ model which many brokers currently subscribe to.

We have seen the banks changing the rules and with that the broker market share has increased. With that we have also seen the better mortgage brokers and more productive businesses becoming extremely busy.

We expect over the next year we will see more teams of brokers working together to maximise the use of resources.

This may see many of the low volume brokers needing to decide if they are serious about being in business, or if they should change and do something else.

Mortgage Brokers Need To Get Digital

Some mortgage brokers are just getting started with the digital world and while they have managed to stumble through previously, the COVID lock-downs have shown how important being digital really is.

At Mortgage Managers we had concentrated on getting all our systems online over the past 2-years, so were able to operate with very little disruption.

Our team were able to work from home and had full access to all systems.

Of course getting a business to change and be digital takes an enormous effort, but it is times like we have had that show us how valuable this is.

Our clients love the systems that we have as it makes things so much easier.

In the future we will need to keep improving systems to ensure that we can serve our clients well.

Most people still want the human involvement – digital assistance but not a robotic system.

Even the banks are talking about better supporting those mortgage advisers that can link digitally to the banks systems.

IT Security Will Be Critical

As to mortgage brokers look for efficiencies and better systems, we are putting more information in the Cloud and that poses risk.

We have seen recently that some of New Zealand’s largest companies have been hacked, and this makes people nervous about sharing their personal information and having it stored online.

They says that a breach of personal information could sink any business, and a mortgage brokers business is no different.

Here at Mortgage Managers we have invested heavily in upgrading our IT security including firewalls and protections. It is a time consuming and an expensive process, but we understand how critical it is to protect peoples information.

This is arguably the biggest risk to any business, but it is something that so many people are not taking seriously enough.

Working With Top Auckland Mortgage Brokers

When you require finance you have the choice of dealing directly with a lender or bank, or working with one of the Auckland mortgage brokers.

We have always said that there are a lot of benefits when working with mortgage brokers, but if you are going to find a mortgage broker you should ask around and ensure that you are working with one of the best.

If you have a situation that the banks are not willing to help with, then you make need to leek for a non bank broker.

If you are building a new house then you want to find an adviser that specialises in new build finance and can therefore give you the best advise and options for financing your project.

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