Is Mortgage Protection Cover Too Expensive?

Many people think mortgage protection cover is too expensive and therefore do not bother with it at all.

Bank staff always try to “sell” mortgage cover and sometimes are successful even if it means people just take the life insurance part of the plan. Mortgage brokers tend to be a little better at explaining the benefits and therefore might provide a more comprehensive type of cover, but still most people will go without.

Is Mortgage Protection Cover Expensive?

In short – it can be expensive!

But insurance cover of any kind is based on the cost of the claims, so an expensive insurance is only expensive because there are a high number of claims or because the claims are for a high dollar value. Either way, mortgage protection  insurance is more expensive than most insurances because the insurance companies pay out more in claims.

You could therefore say th

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Is Mortgage Protection Insurance Important?

When you speak to your mortgage broker or bank about your home loan they invariably ask you about mortgage protection insurance – why?

mortgage protection insuranceIt is not just like McDonald’s asking if you want fries with that, it is simply because you have a mortgage which generally means you either don’t have the financial resources not to have a mortgage or you wish to leverage your capital for the maximum return.

Even if you think you are just being “sold” another product, you should take a few minutes to consider why the mortgage broker or bank choose to talk about

Would You Buy Cheap Insurance

cheap insuranceWe all think we want cheaper insurance premiums and to be able to apply for the cover we want using an online system or a simple application form.

Yes, we all think that this would be much better.

In life you can get away with buying some cheap stuff.

Cheap wine might not taste to great and may even make you ill, but it is unlikely to cause any long-term effect on you. Drinking cheap wine will also not have a huge impact on you or your family financially.

But some things like insurance can have a huge impact and with products like insurance you may not know how bad it is until many years later.

The r

Learn How To Choose Mortgage Cover

Most people do not know how to choose mortgage cover or even know they have a choice, but they do and that is why the Mortgage Protection website was created.

How To Choose Mortgage Cover

Choose Your Mortgage Cover

Too often mortgage brokers hear of people who believe they must take out the mortgage protection insurance that the bank offers.

Of course, the bank staff do not try to suggest differently!

But, there is absolutely nothing to say you need to take the