A Simple “Thank You” Can Help Grow Your Business

We all like to be acknowledged for the things we do and the simplest form of acknowledgement is a simple “thank you.”

A Simple “Thank You” In Business

Too often in business people want to have formalised reward programs or send gifts as a way of thanking people for helping them or for referring people to the business. In some cases this is a great idea, but sometimes it can get very expensive and not have the impact that you might want.

But …

You should make a simple “Thank You” a little bit special … to show that you’ve made an effort.

Thank You Cards – there are some very classy thank you cards available which can be posted out. On the right we have a simple but graceful card from Boxsmith who are a great little online supplier of personalised gift boxes and of course greeting cards.

Texts – sometimes a simple text saying “thank you” will have the same impact. It shows that you have made an effort.

Showing That You Care

One key advantage that a small business has is that you are seen to be very personal, but it is easy to get busy and the personal side of the business can slip.

Being busy should not be an excuse though, and it really shouldn’t take too much time to say “thank you” to those people that have helped you.

Have A Plan To Thank People

Every small business owner will have people they should thank.

Customers – it may be a customer that you want to thank for doing business, or they may have referred someone to you. As a mortgage broker we like to thank our clients and our business is very reliant on our clients being happy and referring their friends, family and colleagues to us so a ‘thank you’ really does encourage this.

Centers of Influence – it may be another business person that recommends you. I have a number of businesses that I work with to help them and in turn they send their clients to me when they need finance. I call these people my centers of influence and they really do deserve thanks.

Business Networks – a great way to grow your business is networking with other business people, many of whom may become centers of influence too. My business network of choice is BNI (Business Network International) and their catch phrase is “givers gain” which is so true … you need to give first and you will gain from that. A simple thank you is a very easy thing to give and the gains can be phenomenal if you are genuine with it.

Suppliers – in business we often forget how valuable our suppliers can be to our business. Often they will make the extra effort for you if they really believe that you appreciate their efforts, and sometimes this can be the difference of making a sale versus missing out. Never forget to thank your suppliers.

So how do you manage the process of saying “thank you?”

It does not need to be complex and may be as simple as blocking off 30-minutes on a Friday to send a few texts to say “thank you for …” and maybe there are a few people that deserve a phone call or a gift box too.