About North West Mortgages & The Mortgage Supply Company

You may have heard that yesterday Stuart & Erica Wills made a huge change to their Auckland mortgage broking business and changed the trading name from Mortgage Link to The Mortgage Supply Company.

Of course none of these decisions are made lightly and the decision was not an easy one after being with Mortgage Link in Auckland for such a long e; however at times you need to review what you are doing and the hard decisions need to be made, but both Stuart & Erica are confident that changing was the right decision and are looking forward to continuing to build the business with the support of the team known as The Mortgage Supply Company.

The Company: North West Mortgages Limited

North West Mortgages Limited is owned and operated by Stuart & Erica Wills and is a business of mortgage brokers trading under the name The Mortgage Supply Company after changing brands being previously known as Mortgage Link.

Based in Hobsonville the location means they are perfectly located to service people in immediate areas which is growing enormously plus having easy access to West Auckland and the North Shore.

The new offices are on level 1, 124 Hobsonville Road (beside the new Countdown) where you are welcome to visit or as mortgage brokers we can come to you at your home, work or a local cafe.

For people living out of Auckland or outside of New Zealand we are able to communicate easily over the internet using email, Skype or the phone. We have been working with a lot of people in Australia who own or want to buy property in New Zealand.

Now The Mortgage Supply Company – Hobsonville

Being part of The Mortgage Supply Company provides us access to most of the major banks and lenders plus state of the art technology to support the business and ultimately provide you with the best service possible.

Many people would have known us as the team from Mortgage Link Auckland after having operated as Mortgage Link West since 2004; however a decision was made in 2016 to leave Mortgage Link and The Mortgage Supply Company was selected as a group (brand) that had the support services a good mortgage brokers needs and similar business ethics to those of the owners of North West Mortgages Limited, Stuart & Erica Wills.

The announcement was made on this website on 3rd June 2016 which also happens to be Erica’s birthday. This will be a life changing event for both Stuart & Erica Wills and it was great to be able to celebrate this alongside another happy occasion.

Over the next weeks, months and years you will hear a lot more about The Mortgage Supply Company.

The Mortgage Supply Company

Experienced Counts

Having an experienced mortgage broker working for you is important and ensures that you get the right outcomes whatever your situation.

stuart-300x300Stuart Wills has been a New Zealand mortgage broker for almost 20-years and knows how to get the banks to provide you the best deals and get those difficult deals approved.

Over the years he has sourced many home loans for first home buyers, has restructured and refinanced numerous mortgages, arranged finance for property investors and property developers and has a reputation for doing the hard finance deals where people have been told there are no options for them. Often you might just want an opinion or a second opinion and that is okay too.

David Windler started The Mortgage Supply Company and along with Stuart Wills are two of the most experienced and professional mortgage brokers in West Auckland having had their companies based in offices in West Auckland for many years.

The great thing is you pay nothing more for access to this vast experience and in most cases with standard home loans there is no cost to you at all – the banks will pay the mortgage broker.

Let’s Get Started

It seems funny to say “let’s get started” when we have been doing mortgage broking for so long, but it is also quite refreshing to be able to open a new chapter in our lives and start this new adventure with The Mortgage Supply Company.

Of course it is also a little ‘sad’ to say goodbye to Mortgage Link as over the years we have made some good friends and had some great times as part of that group.

In business however you need to look forward, not backwards and as business owners we knew for some time that we needed to make a change to our business. The new offices were one change which was needed and is working well, and now changing to The Mortgage Supply Company will mean we can implement the changes that are needed within our business so we can introduce some internal changes and get on with providing a great level of service and customer support to our clients and community.

New Contact Details

All of our contact details should be forwarded to us; however we will be asking our suppliers and customers to start using our new email addresses;

Stuart Wills: stuart.wills@mortgagesupply.co.nz

Erica Wills: erica.wills@mortgagesupply.co.nz

Clive Brumby: clive.brumby@mortgagesupply.co.nz

The phone numbers and other contact details are all the same.

Being mortgage brokers and now part of The Mortgage Supply Company we look forward to working with you to secure you the best finance or home loan.