North Shore Mortgage Brokers Offer Choice

North Shore Mortgage Brokers Offer Choice

Yes, you can use a North Shore mortgage brokers or go directly to a bank.

Mortgage brokers can do the leg-work for you (regardless of how complex the loan may appear) and when you use good North Shore mortgage brokers you will save a lot of time, frustration and should end up with a better loan.

If you want to buy your first home, refinance your existing home loan, consolidate debts or if want to change banks you have two main choices;

  1. Go to the bank yourself to arrange a mortgage
  2. Get the assistance of a good mortgage broker to help

If you can get the help of a good mortgage broker then you need to ask yourself why would you bother going to the bank yourself.

Speak To The Banks

You can do your own research and speak to the banks yourself.

Once you establish which bank will suit best you can then visit the bank and discuss your situation with them and then provide the information required so that they can approve your home loan.

This whole process may be frustrating at times as the different banks and non-bank lenders all have different criteria and processes. You may have to visit a few banks and speak to other lenders before you get the loan approval but many people prefer this direct approach to getting a loan.

Some people know that the bank will approve their loan and therefore think the process is easier than going to a broker and sometimes this may be true as the bank may already hold security on your property and also have access to all your banking records.

What you don’t get by going to the bank yourself is the knowledge that you are getting the best options and bank rates. The banks loans officer may appear to be working in your best interests, but really they are working for their employer (the bank) and are trying to hit their own targets so they get their bonus.

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You Can Speak To A Mortgage Broker

Most of the better mortgage brokers have access to a number of banks and non-bank lenders so they should be able to offer you a good range of lending options.

These days have a process that they have to follow which starts with collecting your information and discussing exactly what you require now and in the future. The broker will then verify the information (check income, property values etc) then input this into the software package so they can properly assess and compare how the different lenders would treat the application.hence satisfied with what can be done, the mortgage broker will submit your application to the appropriate lenders and get a written approval or loan offer for you.

Most of the good mortgage brokers will know if the bank is offering a good deal and if not will go back to the bank and negotiate on your behalf. A good deal is more than just the best interest rate and should also include how they will structure the loan, what security they are asking for and giving a flexible structure so that you can pay of the mortgage earlier and therefore cut years off your mortgage and save you thousands of dollars.

North Shore Mortgage Brokers Can Help

If you live or work on the North Shore of Auckland you might want to work with one of the local North Shore mortgage brokers.

But which of the North Shore mortgage brokers should you contact?

A mortgage brokers reputation is very important to them and because this is not a service that is used all of the time, the mortgage broker will generally like to build relationships with real estate agents, solicitors and accountants who will be talking with potential clients on a more regular basis. These professionals will generally only use a mortgage broker if they do a good job for their clients so you know that if you are referred a mortgage broker they should be a good mortgage broker.

The internet is becoming much more important as a marketing tool for mortgage brokers, but it is also a great place to publish information that may explain some details about the different mortgages, or explain what a mortgage broker does and therefore why finding a good broker to help you should be better than leaving it up to the person at your bank.

You have choices – you can use a mortgage broker or go to the bank yourself.

There are a lot of Auckland mortgage brokers, but Stuart Wills is one of the most experienced.

After starting in the business in 1997 he established himself as a West Auckland mortgage broker based in Henderson and operating as Mortgage Link, before moving to Hobsonville and re-branding as The Mortgage Supply Company.

Stuart Wills – North Shore Mortgage Brokersnorth shore mortgage brokers

Stuart Wills is one of the most experienced Auckland mortgage brokers with almost 20-years in the business having starting pre-GFC in 1997. Now operating in brand new professional offices located in Hobsonville (North West Auckland) Stuart is committed to the business.

Mortgage brokers should be able to give you a better choice of loans and lenders, better advice especially on how to structure your loans and they know how to make sure you get a good deal.

Stuart Wills is a broker that loves to help people in West Auckland and on the North Shore of Auckland, but does also deal with people from around New Zealand and the rest of the World too.

Some call him a West Auckland mortgage broker and others refer to Stuart as one of the best North Shore mortgage brokers.

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