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Politics …. nobody likes to talk about politics.

We live in a democratic country – New Zealand.
This means that as citizens we have a say in how the country is run. It may seem like we only have a small say, which as individuals is correct; however we at least have a voice.

As a mortgage broker and business owner I am all too aware of the impact that political decisions can have. A robust economy gives stability which makes planning easier, but often with our system of MMP (mixed member proportional) we are getting a coalition Government which sees the smaller parties having a seemingly unfair advantage and influence which leads to decisions being made to satisfy the minority which upsets the stability.

While most Kiwis will have a party they prefer and typically vote for, my political blog is designed to discuss the issues that I see as important or where I may have a view rather than pushing a specific party.

Why You Should Get Involved In Politics

New Zealand is known as one of the best examples of  democracy in the World today. We all have the ability to elect a Government and the election process is fair – your vote counts just the same as mine or anyone else’s. The New Zealand Political Parties In New Zealand the political scene has
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The 2018 Budget & The Impact On Home Owners

The 2018 Budget & The Impact On Home Owners As a New Zealand mortgage broker I am interested in things like the national budgets for the reason that they show how the Government of the day plan to use our taxes and also as they have an impact on home owners (and specifically those with
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Government Promises Help For First Home Buyers … But

Government Promises Help For First Home Buyers … But Before the election last year and even after they took power our new Labour led Government promised help for first home buyers, but 6-months on how are they doing? Easy To Make Promises We all know that it is easy to make promises, especially when we
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Has This Government Killed Your Property Investment Dream?

For many Kiwis that want to ensure that they are not reliant on Government handouts in retirement, property has been seen as a great asset to invest in; however there is currently a lot of uncertainty as this Labour-led Government is finalising policy. So will this new Government kill your property investment dream? I would
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Looking At The Housing Policy Of NZ First

Looking At The Housing Policy Of NZ First With NZ First and leader Winston Peters sitting in the “King Maker” position for forming a Government we should look at the NZ First housing policies and see what the National Party or Labour Party could adopt. Liker many of the smaller political parties the publicised housing
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Will The Metiria Turei Fraud Be The Last Nail In Labour’s Coffin?

It is never nice to see the public humiliation and ultimately the downfall of someone who is held up as a potential leader, but I think most Kiwi’s cannot understand why someone in a position like Metiria Turei would firstly commit fraud and more astonishingly think it was okay. We know now from her own
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Are Lies Or Blatant Untruths Acceptable From Politicians?

We like to think that our politicians are above telling lies or untruths. Once they get into Parliament they are of course the law makers, and the public should therefore be able to expect that they will be law abiding, not fraudulent. Generally we see politicians who don’t have the answers to dodge the question
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With Trump In Change Our Home Loan Interest Rates Could Increase

With Trump In Charge Our Home Loan Interest Rates Could Increase The local financial markets are waiting to see what will happen with our home loan interest rates. Of course on Thursday 10th November our Reserve Bank reduced the Official Cash Rate, but more importantly on Wednesday 9th November we saw Trump be elected as
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