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As a New Zealand mortgage broker I have a real interest in finance including home loans, interest rates, the property market and of course what creates different situations.

This blog is dedicated to finance – my finance blog.

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Stuart Says Think Carefully Before Fixing Your Mortgage

Home loan interest rates in New Zealand are at historically low levels and these rates and fixing your mortgage seems like an attractive option. But a huge number of Kiwis are looking at fixing their loans without considering the consequences. Don’t Fix & Forget Your Loans One of the problems with fixing your mortgage is
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Mortgage Brokers Need To Be Thinking Outside Of The Box

Mortgage brokers will often get approached by people that struggle with banks and so they need to be thinking outside of the box. If a mortgage broker thought like a banker and only provided the options that the bank has then many applications would not be approved. What Do We Mean By Thinking Outside The
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Five Ways To Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster

So you want to pay your mortgage off faster – don’t we all… For most Kiwis the mortgage will be the largest financial commitment that they will ever have. Unfortunately most people do not make much of an effort to understand how the loans should be set up, or how they should be managed to
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Now’s Time To Review Your Westpac Mortgage

The New Year is always a good time to review things and implement those New Year resolutions, the ones like reviewing your mortgage and finances. With banks like Westpac offering a limited time special 1-year rate of 3.99% it makes it an even better time to review your mortgage. Check the Westpac home loans rates.
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What The Changes To The LVR Restictions Mean

What The Changes To The LVR Restictions Mean The Reserve Bank released the latest six monthly Financial Stability Report (FSR) in the last week of November and it included some positive changes to the LVR rules for both first home buyers and for property investors. The changes are effective from the 1st January 2019. Let’s look
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The 2018 Budget & The Impact On Home Owners

The 2018 Budget & The Impact On Home Owners As a New Zealand mortgage broker I am interested in things like the national budgets for the reason that they show how the Government of the day plan to use our taxes and also as they have an impact on home owners (and specifically those with
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Government Promises Help For First Home Buyers … But

Government Promises Help For First Home Buyers … But Before the election last year and even after they took power our new Labour led Government promised help for first home buyers, but 6-months on how are they doing? Easy To Make Promises We all know that it is easy to make promises, especially when we
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Has This Government Killed Your Property Investment Dream?

For many Kiwis that want to ensure that they are not reliant on Government handouts in retirement, property has been seen as a great asset to invest in; however there is currently a lot of uncertainty as this Labour-led Government is finalising policy. So will this new Government kill your property investment dream? I would
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Is Meremere A Good Place For Auckland First Home Buyers?

Is Meremere A Good Place For Auckland First Home Buyers? As an Auckland mortgage broker we often hear people saying that it is impossible to get onto the property ladder in Auckland (and it is definitely hard) but there are some areas close to Auckland that must be worth considering. For Auckland first home buyers maybe
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Mortgage Brokers Finance Blog For Information

Are you looking for a good mortgage brokers finance blog? The mortgage brokers finance blog includes more than just the typical sales pages. My name is Stuart Wills and I have created a mortgage brokers finance blog on my business website which includes some very good information on mortgages and finance – information which I write
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