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As a self-employed person in New Zealand I am always interested in what makes small businesses successful. Lots of new businesses are focused on getting clients so marketing and business relationships are important, and for more established businesses there can be a bigger focus on process and profits.

I like to discuss some of the issues that I come across and provide advice on what has worked and not worked within our business. Where possible I will also share ideas and business tools that I think are interesting.

I hope that you get some useful information that will help in your business.

Please feel free to share any information here.

learn from motorsport

There Are Lessons From Motorsport for Business

My name is Stuart Wills and I’m a short bald man that loves winning in business, loves watching and getting inspiration from sport and of course enjoy fishing too. In business the measure of success is dollars, in most sports it is the scoreboard and with motorsport it is the chequed flag. I am also
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