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As a self-employed person in New Zealand I am always interested in what makes small businesses successful. Lots of new businesses are focused on getting clients so marketing and business relationships are important, and for more established businesses there can be a bigger focus on process and profits.

I like to discuss some of the issues that I come across and provide advice on what has worked and not worked within our business. Where possible I will also share ideas and business tools that I think are interesting.

I hope that you get some useful information that will help in your business.

Please feel free to share any information here.

Get Your Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth Headsets Online For Less

When I decided to purchase the Jabra Stealth UC headsets I checked the price first and am glad that I did. It’s easy to buy stuff locally and in many ways we want to support the New Zealand companies too; however it’s always a good idea to at least check the prices that you can
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Adopt The Art Of Story Telling With Your Presentations

Have you tried story telling with your presentations? Rather than giving an analytical presentation, story telling is often a good way of explaining what you do and how you can help people. I created this blog post specifically for the members of my local BNI group; however it can be adopted by anyone in business
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Here Are Ten Reasons You Should Be Business Networking In 2019

Is business networking in 2019 something that is still important or should business owners be spending their time on other marketing efforts like creating websites, Apps or building a presence on social media? Maybe we should be doing all of these, but how many small business owners have the time, money and/or expertise. Business networking
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My Basic On-Page SEO Tips For Websites & Blogs

I have been operating websites and blogs now for a few years and over that time have seen a lot of advice on SEO from the “so-called” experts who will optimise things for you for a cost, but for many like myself its reasonable easy to get the basic on-page SEO done and get reasonable
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Local Business | Make Your Business Known Locally

Local business is good business! Getting people in your local area to know about your business is the first step in getting more local business, and of course we all want to be doing more business locally. We know that working in the local area is easier and more efficient. There is less time travelling
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Create Your Business Website Using WordPress

Master WordPress today using this step-by-step visual approach (over 250 screenshots) and create your business website using WordPress. Building a professional looking business website using WordPress is not difficult. This website is my personal blog built on WordPress and it’s an easy format to build your personal blog or website on too, whether it is
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Create Facebook Ads That Work | Facebook AdBuddy Review

AdBuddy is a new and exciting software programme that can create Facebook ads that work for almost every business. It is software that will save you time, money, effort & energy. This AdBuddy software works for established Facebook advertisers and newbies alike. You Want To Create Facebook Ads That Work If you’ve EVER ran a Facebook ad
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Octosuite | The Proven Facebook Management Tool

Octosuite is new software that automates practically any online business model you presently use. The best part is that you don’t have to spend any of your hard-earned money on buying website traffic. What Is OctoSuite? Octosuite is a software that automates practically any online business model you presently use. It works like this: The software
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Find New Opportunities In 2018 With No Excuses Or Blaming Others

There will be plenty of new opportunities in 2018 if you tackle the New Year with a positive attitude. Things Are Not Always Easy Of course in business and life things are not always easy. There will be some rough waters that you will need to navigate your way through, but if you prepare properly then
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A Simple “Thank You” Can Help Grow Your Business

We all like to be acknowledged for the things we do and the simplest form of acknowledgement is a simple “thank you.” A Simple “Thank You” In Business Too often in business people want to have formalised reward programs or send gifts as a way of thanking people for helping them or for referring people
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