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3-Steps To Getting Your First Home Loan

In this article we look at the three steps to getting your first home loan. What First Home Buyers Need To Know About Getting A Home Loan When we’re buying a first home we need the support of the lending institution like a bank or another alternative non-bank lender to fund the cost of the purchase.
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How To Value A House

Who knows how to value a house? The real question is not who knows how to value a house, but how do they place a value on a house. The reality is that the value of a house is what a willing buyer is prepared to pay for the house at any point in time
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Passive Income Negates The Need For Mortgage Cover

Does Passive Income Negate The Need For Mortgage Cover? Firstly you need to understand the reason people have mortgage cover – to ensure that the mortgage commitments are met while you (the insured) is unable to meet those commitments. This could be due to your inability to earn income from either a disability or death.
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Bad Credit Should Not Stop You Getting A Mortgage

Having bad credit does not mean you cannot get a mortgage. Often people have poor credit for reasons that are no longer relevant and while the issues may show up on a credit check, they do not automatically exclude you from getting a mortgage. While banks may decline a finance application, mortgage brokers have the
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Home Loan Interest Rates

Getting Cash Contributions With Home Loans

The “mortgage wars” are heating up again with some sharp home loan interest rates being offered as well as the cash contributions with home loans. The Best Home Loan Interest Rates Which bank offers the best home loan interest rates? This is a question as a mortgage broker that we get asked all the time. Some
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Your New Auckland Council Valuation Might Help

Your New Auckland Council Valuation Is Done The rateable value for your house is set by the local authority for the purpose of determining and allocating rates. It is calculated every few years based on the general value of houses in the area and some key housing statistics and is used by the Auckland Council to
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cover for fire

Full Replacement House Cover For Fire

Tower Are Bringing Back Full Replacement Cover For Fire! Tower say they listened to the people about the concerns regarding the uncertainty of house insurance and are the first insurance company in New Zealand to reintroduce full replacement cover for fire. What Has Changed? In early 2013 most of the house insurance policies in New Zealand moved
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personal blog

Absolutely Everyone Should Have A Personal Blog

Why Do I Think Everyone Needs A Personal Blog? We are all in a business of promoting ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we are employed or self-employed, we all should be promoting ourselves so that we create a value around “our brand” and therefore can either demand a higher pay packet or attract more prospects
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Mortgage Protection Insurance Helps Provide Certainty

Provide Certainty For You And Your Family Buying a new home can be exciting and often people fail to consider what might happen if there is a problem within the family or an inability to work for even a short period of time. We all know that we should plan for the unexpected, but people
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Who Wanted To be A Pirate As A Boy?

I Wanted To be A Pirate As A Boy Today most of us think of pirates as the Robin Hood of the sea, unaware of the reality. Yes, most boys like pirates … even though they are really criminals. This might seem a bizarre post, but the reality is that not all posts on a blog
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