About Mortgages & Finance

Let’s talk about mortgages and finance. 

The reality is people do not want to borrow money, but they often require money to do the things that they want in life – buy a house, buy or start a business, refinance some other “bad” debts etc….

This means that most of us will require mortgages and finance during our lives.

I have made it my passion to help and share information so people can get the finance they require, but more importantly to get rid of debts.

Home Loans

First home buyers believe the hard part is getting a home loan so they can buy their first home – and it can be at times. But the hardest part of having a home loan is not getting the loan, but paying it off.

Let me show you how to pay off your home loan faster and you can literally save thousands.

People often talk about debt consolidation and mortgage refinancing too.

Business Finance

Whether you want a few thousand dollars to support an existing business or start a home business, or if you require $1 million or more – I am able to assist.

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Now's Time To Review Your Westpac Mortgage

The New Year is always a good time to review things and implement those New Year resolutions, the ones like reviewing your mortgage and finances. With banks like Westpac offering a limited time special 1-year rate of 3.99% it makes it an even better time to review your mortgage. Check the Westpac home loans rates.Read More »

You Can Get Home Loans Even With Some Bad Credit

If you have some bad credit the banks will often treat you like a bad person. You may need to draw a line in the sand and get on with life … and accept that getting a mortgage with some bad credit may not be as easy, but there are lenders that can help ifRead More »

Debt Consolidation Loans Can Save You Money

Debt consolidation loans can save you money, but not always. Sometimes people do a debt consolidation loan and it actually costs them more as they are charged fees and end up taking longer to pay off the debt; therefore end up paying more interest to the lender. We know how easy it is to borrowRead More »

My Predictions On Home Loan Interest Rates For 2018

Ask many economists and they will be very careful not to make any predictions on home loan interest rates for 2018 or for any time in the future for that matter. Why not?  The reason that “so called experts” refrain from making predictions is because in recent years they have been wrong more than theyRead More »

Buying A Home With Bad Credit Is Not Impossible

  As New Zealand mortgage brokers we often get asked about buying a home with bad credit. This week we had the following enquiry from our website; We are a couple who’s trying to get in to the property ladder as soon as we can. We have a stable income now with a saving ofRead More »

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