Mortgage Brokers For Those Complicated Mortgages

Mortgage Brokers For Those Complicated Mortgages

Over the years we have gained a reputation for being the ‘go to’ mortgage brokers for those complicated mortgages that banks and many other mortgage brokers struggle with.

get smarterA Brokers For Those Complicated Mortgages

Stuart Wills has been a New Zealand mortgage broker for over 20-years and is one of the few brokers that has never worked for a bank. Maybe this is the reason that he understands the non-bank world of complicated mortgages…

Stuart has a ‘can do’ attitude.

Sometimes brokers need to forget the policies that mean banks say NO and focus on the positive reasons that lets a bank or non-bank lender say yes. Of course this sometimes means some ‘common sense’ needs to be applied, and that is something that Stuart does well.

There is no need to be Einstein … Stuart is just as good.

A New Zealand Mortgage Broker

Sometimes people seek out a local mortgage broker as they feel there is a need to do so; however in today’s world there is really no need to be local – you really just need a very good and experienced mortgage broker when things seem ‘complicated’ and often this means looking a bit further afield.

Yes, Stuart is an Auckland mortgage broker and that means he is close to where many of the lenders are based. Over the years he has established a good reputation and relationship with many lenders from within the banks and also non-banks. This experience helps you as Stuart can contact those lenders to discuss what seems complicated, and with his down to earth approach he can get those lenders to understand the pro’s and con’s and therefore approve the application – your complicated mortgages.

These days there is no reason to deal with a local mortgage broker … you may get a better result using an experienced  Auckland mortgage broker.

Non-Standard Home Loans

What are non-standard home loans?

Some say they are those “complicated mortgages” while others (like Stuart) find non-standard home loans interesting.

While banks try to treat all Kiwis as “normal” and fit all mortgage applications into the same box, Stuart understands that there is no such thing as “normal” and everyone is different; albeit some mortgage applications are more different … you may say they are complicated mortgages.

A non-standard home loan is quite common really.

When Banks Say “NO” – Don’t Give Up!

Of course, banks can say “no” for a range of reason.

Some common reasons might be;

And many many other reasons….

These reasons may cause a bank to say “NO” but that does not mean that Stuart cannot find a way to get you finance.

No mortgages are complicated mortgages for Stuart and his team.






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