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This sounds too good to be true, but the people promoting App’s need reviews and are willing to pay people to write App reviews and therefore you can make money testing Apps.

It’s a really easy way to make a bit of extra money working when you want and where you want.

It looked like it might have been a scam as it seemed too easy to make money testing apps, but the developers need a range of real people so they get to hear what potential buyers think.

Of course they will want good reviews, but in some ways the not such good reviews give them more value.


WriteAppReviews is taking on new members from all over the world!

Make Money Testing Apps Today

If you are searching for a way to make money online then it can be possible for you if you have an internet connection and a Smartphone.

You can test the Apps introduced currently on the web world and write their reviews and earn money.

Here we review the WriteAppReviews system to help you to understand more about the effectiveness of this opportunity.

What is Write App Reviews?

WriteAppReviews is an App testing program.

It has been designed to help people who have tried and tested different apps to write reviews about them.

The people that design and sell App’s know that new users who are their potential customers will most often research the Apps and this generally means checking on the App reviews.

Why Join WriteAppReviews

Every day there are thousands of mobile Apps that are released through various app stores like Google Play and App Store etc.

Some of these apps have made the industry of mobile apps a several billion-dollar industry within just the last few years.

But now a lot of people want to see reviews before downloading and using these apps.

However, even Google is unable to provide enough information about these new apps except for the information provided by the developers of these apps or some of the people who have used them. That much information is not enough to know about the pros and cons as well as the beneficial features of a new app.

In this situation, there must be someone who can encourage people to review these latest apps after using them and testing them. This gap has been filed up by Write App Reviews. The algorithm used by helps in finding out thousands of apps released online all over the world every day without providing enough information about them. This platform invites people who want to make money online just by using and testing these apps and write reviews about them.

So many people download several apps on their mobile phones even without knowing much about them.

If you are one of these app enthusiasts then you can convert your enthusiasm into a source of income by testing the features of the lately released apps and writing reviews about them. Most of the app users rely on the comments and reviews of their previous users and hence read them before downloading them. In this way, your reviews about any latest app will not help people to make decisions about downloading and using them but also help you in making some additional money for you.

Working of Write App Reviews

Write App reviews can be used easily for making money online as it works in 3 simple steps like:

  1. Select an app: When you join as a member then you get access to its database of the latest and some very cool Apps. You then select an app from the list and test the features as a potential user would. You can choose from hundreds of apps you can find on this platform. There are many new apps are added to it every day so you always have plenty to choose from. After you have selected an app you will have to download it on your Smartphone and start testing its features.
  2. Write a review: After using the app you have selected, you can share your experiences in the form of a detailed review so that others can know that app more precisely before downloading it. Then you can post your reviews on your membership account with
  3. Earn income as an affiliate: You can earn as an affiliate depending upon the quality of your reviews. If your reviews are useful for the users then it will get more shares and you will earn more. You can increase your chances to earn more by testing more apps and writing more reviews. By sharing features in your app as a member you can be viral on social media which will help in increasing your affiliate income by getting more views.

By using these three simple steps you can start making money online even if you are not an affiliate marketing expert or a professional writer.

Actually, the App industry offers you an opportunity to earn because it is making a profit of billions of dollars every year.

The Pros & Cons of  WriteAppReviews

Of course you want to know the pro’s and con’s of WriteAppReviews before you decide to purchase the system and become a tester.

The Pros

  • It’s a good source of additional income – a very good little side hustle
  • You can use this platform as a member regardless of his location in the world. You can review apps from anywhere and at anytime that suits.
  • As a tester you can earn legit money in an ethical manner and help others with your reviews
  • Testing new apps is enjoyable and of course worthwhile
  • You can earn money with an internet connection and a Smartphone
  • You can test and review any number of apps in a day and that way control your earnings
  • You do not need to be a professional writer or expert App user as people want to hear honest feedback from normal people
  • You can get unlimited access to the database just by paying once for membership
  • Payments to you will be made on a weekly basis through direct deposit or Payoneer
  • The number of apps is increasing constantly so you will always find something new to test
  • After activating membership you can access database instantly
  • There is a dedicated team for one-on-one support
  • Risk-free membership with a money-back guarantee for 60 days

The Cons -not many

  • You must have basic knowledge of English
  • Of course you must have an internet connection
  • There is a membership fee to gain access

My Verdict

Testing Apps is not hard and it is a simple way to make some extra money.

Your comments and reviews will help the developers of the Apps, and other potential buyers in deciding to download those Apps. Don’t forget that you also make money testing Apps which is really quite a simple way of making some additional money online.

That’s what I call a win – win – win 

Of course you can earn more as you become an experienced review writer as there is no limit on the number of reviews you write.

It is an interesting and fun opportunity to make money online as you can choose from a wide variety of Apps available on the database of this platform to test and write reviews.

If you are looking for a way to make money online anytime from wherever you are then Write App Reviews might be the right option for you, and even if you decide that it’s not then you have 60-days to get a full refund.

You’ve got nothing to lose except the opportunity to make money testing apps!