Local Mortgage Brokers Work Around The World

Local Mortgage Brokers Work Around The World

It seems obvious that if you want to speak to a banker you would go to your local branch, or if you want to speak to a mortgage broker then you would look for a local mortgage broker; however that is not always possible and not always the best thing to do.

Why do we say it may not be the best thing to do?

Sure, it s nice to speak to a local person … but;

  • When you are looking for advice on your mortgage you want to be assured that you are getting the best advice.
  • For most of us the mortgage will be one of our biggest ever financial commitments, if not the biggest.
  • Do you believe that the local person is the best?

Of course sometimes your local mortgage brokers will be good, or good enough to help you.

Other times you will want to contact a mortgage broker that has more experience and especially when the situation is not quite so simple.

Local Mortgage BrokersLocal, But Working Around The World

With the online world and smart technology it has become easier to work with people anywhere in the world.

if you have or want to get finance on a property located in New Zealand then we can help.

This week we were contacted by a Kiwi living and working in London.

He had purchased a section just out of Wanaka and wanted to build.

Like most people he contacted his bank and explained his situation, only to be told that they cannot help.

Luckily he then jumped on the internet and searched for advice and that is when he contacted us.

After finding out about his situation it was obvious why his bank had said they could not help; however we also knew that we had options with other banks that would work well for him.

This was one recent example where our knowledge of the new build finance process and the various bank policies enabled us to help where his bank couldn’t.

It’s not that the bank did not want to help, they were just restricted by the banks policies.

Auckland Mortgage Brokers

Our team of mortgage brokers are local to Auckland now, but it’s not always been that way.

Stuart Wills was born in Hawkes Bay before moving to the King Country. He went to boarding school in Nelson and then the Waikato before shifting to Auckland for work. Work, sport and holidays has taken him to most parts of New Zealand.

But for people of Auckland they may think of us as their local mortgage brokers and especially in the West where they are looking for the best West Auckland mortgage brokers.

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