Local Business | Make Your Business Known Locally

Local business is good business!

Getting people in your local area to know about your business is the first step in getting more local business, and of course we all want to be doing more business locally.

We know that working in the local area is easier and more efficient.

  • There is less time travelling
  • There is generally a better connection with your local customers
  • Often local businesses can be operated from home or less expensive premises
  • Staff that can work locally are prepared to work for a little less due to convenience and less travelling and parking costs
  • You can get a better work / life balance
  • Plus … these things should add up to more profits

The problem for many small business owners is finding enough work locally.

Giving Recomendations

As Kiwis we generally love to help others, and especially those small business owners that we see do a good job.

We will tell others about a good restaurant we have been to or recommend an electrician who did some work for us. we do this on a personal level with friends and family and now we can also provide recommendations on social media.

But while Kiwis will recommend others we generally don’t like to promote ourselves.

So it is okay to recommend someone else, but we don’t recommend ourselves …. but what if you could get other people recommending you?

Local Business Networking

Find A Local Business Network

Many small business owners will arrange to meet with people in business whom they may think they can get business from. They will catch up for a coffee and chat about their businesses and then tend to get back to work and very little happens.

Sound familiar?

I think all small business owners have experienced this.

I know I have on multiple occasions and yet we still do it.

But I have also become involved in a local business network that has connected me with multiple local business. We meet every week over breakfast and share things about our businesses and story’s of what we have done for our clients so each of us gets a very good understanding of what each of us does.

These are structured meetings which some people think is a bit over the top; however they work – it’s some of the best marketing I have done.

The meetings I attend are every Thursday morning starting at 7.00am and we are finished by 8.30am so they don’t cut into the normal work day to much. We each get a dedicated minute to promote our business and each week we have a person present for 10-minutes as well, so over time I have gotten a good understanding of many businesses which I had never thought too much about previously.

More importantly, by getting to know these local business people I now have a range of people in my business network that I am happy to promote.

If someone needs an electrician then I know that Jamie Tonkin from Tonkin Electrical is local and will do a great job.

If someone is asking about accountants then I know that Anthony Mcllroy from Evolve Accounting is very good and especially if that person is involved in the property market which is an area that he specialises in. But if it’s a bookkeeper that they need then Renell Oliver is a local that operates Blue Rain Drop Bookkeeping.

I might hear someone is looking for a real estate agent so I would suggest they talk to Keri Gerrard from FaceUp. Another good local business based in Hobsonville Point and a real estate agency that promotes fair fees. But if someone is looking to build a new home I might suggest they talk to Compass Homes or Classic Builders.

When people ask about investment advisers there is Rachelle Bland from Cliffe Consulting. For a life coach there is Brenda from Blue Chair Wisdom, and if someone wants to get out and see the world then Paula at You Travel can certainly help so I would pass on her details.

And in the area of marketing and especially online marketing I could recommend Terry from Pixel Cafe or Jessica from J Bird Digital Media who is our local social media expert.

Plus there are many more local business owners that I could and do recommend.

I have made connections with a lot of local business people and learned about their business and how they operate too. Over time I have built friendships and many I have used personally for things that I needed.

The business networking group that I belong to is BNI Westgate.

It’s why I am happy to recommend both BNI and these local business people to the people that I know.