What We Learnt From The Rio Olympic Games

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games have been fascinating and had some great contests to watch, but there are also some unexpected things that I have learnt fro  the Rio Olympic Games too.

Some of the lessons came as a shock, while other things are common sense and an occasion like the Olympics just reinforces what we really already knew.

Let’s have a look at some things that have made me think…

  1. Life is not fair
  2. Forth is nothing!
  3. Never give up.
  4. Attitude is everything.
  5. You can only win if you try.

There has been plenty of Olympics Games and Olympics Games trivia and not all of it has been positive, but the games will no doubt be remembered for the way the sports people performed and the new hero’s rather than the small amount of negative press.

These five “things” that I saw in the Rio Olympics Games relate to life and business in many of the same ways that they relate to sport.

Five Things We Learnt From The Rio Olympic Games

Rio Olympic Games

Let me explain what I saw in these five things.

Life is not fair – this is a statement that my father taught me as a young child and has always been a reminder for me durring times when I have wanted to blame others for not providing an even playing field, but the reality is that seeing someone with an unfair advantage is now a driving force for me – it makes me even more determined to beat them. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games there were plenty of times when you could expect a competitor was disadvantaged only to see them excel.

Forth is nothing! I have always lived by the rule that 2nd place is the first loser, but in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games like all previous and probably future Olympic Games there are medals for the three top results – Gold, Silver & Bronze.

Unfortunately New Zealand had a few 4th places and Hockey was probably the example that will sit with me for a while. I really do not know much about Hockey and to get to 4th on the Olympic stage should be celebrated as a great effort; however it feels more like a missed opportunity and I’m sure the players feel this more that I ever will.

Never give up -often the difference between success and failure is only a few metres or a few seconds. It is easy to give up when you still have a chance of success. Of course in business it can be prudent to stop investing time and effort into a venture that is not working; however in a sporting event you need to commit fully and see the event through to the conclusion.

Attitude is everything – you need a winning attitude in sport, business and life in general. None of us start off as champions, but with the right attitude we can not be stopped if we really want to be a champions in sports or business.

You can only win if you try – personally I have never been to an Olympic Games as a competitor and can therefore never win on this stage. Getting to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games was an achievement on its own and even those that did not reach a final have had to qualify just to be there. By qualifying these people have achieved more that most Kiwis and we should salute them for their efforts.

By the nature of sports we will always only have a few winners; however we also will get some unexpected or surprise winners too.

Too often in business people are to worried about the thought of failure and therefore never even try. If you do niot try you will not fail, but you will never win either!

In sport and business we strive for excellence and as long as we continue to stay focused we will surprise ourselves with what we can achieve.

We Learn From Sports & Business

Sports like business is about attitude.

Sure, you need the skills and some people find that they are easier than others, but a person with okay skills and a great attitude will have a better chance of success than someone with skills and a bad attitude.

Great attitudes will also see some of our great sports people succeed well beyond their years in their chosen sport.

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games saw some people hit the big stage and others will no doubt fade away.