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I have created this Kiwi Trivia section on my personal blog for a few specific reasons;

  • I enjoy researching ‘stuff’ and particularly when it is about my country, the history and people
  • I like to share the things that I find out
  • People are interested in trivia so this is a way to get more people to visit my blog

So what can you expect to see within this Kiwi Trivia section on my blog?

Trivia – when you research the noun “trivia” on Wikipedia you get the following; insignificant trifles of little importance, especially items of unimportant information

For the purposes of this section on my blog, Kiwi Trivia may be insignificant trifles of little importance but may also be other things that I feel are interesting for whatever reason.

I will try to post at least one piece each week, but some weeks there may be more and other weeks there may be less.

Ultimately we hope that you enjoy following our Kiwi Trivia.



Finding Middle New Zealand

Have you every wondered where the middle of New Zealand is? Nelson claims to be the centre of New Zealand but this is not entirely correct. In the early days of European settlement in New Zealand, independent surveyors made isolated surveys that were not connected up. In the 1870s, it was decided to connect these up
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