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I have created this Kiwi Trivia section on my personal blog for a few specific reasons;

  • I enjoy researching ‘stuff’ and particularly when it is about my country, the history and people
  • I like to share the things that I find out
  • People are interested in trivia so this is a way to get more people to visit my blog

So what can you expect to see within this Kiwi Trivia section on my blog?

Trivia – when you research the noun “trivia” on Wikipedia you get the following; insignificant trifles of little importance, especially items of unimportant information

For the purposes of this section on my blog, Kiwi Trivia may be insignificant trifles of little importance but may also be other things that I feel are interesting for whatever reason.

I will try to post at least one piece each week, but some weeks there may be more and other weeks there may be less.

Ultimately we hope that you enjoy following our Kiwi Trivia.



Daylight Saving Another Kiwi Idea

Did you know that daylight saving was a Kiwi idea? I didn’t until I decided to see what the history of daylight savings was. Who Thought Of Daylight Saving Time? The idea of daylight saving was first conceived by Benjamin Franklin as far back as 1784 but never progressed. In 1895, New Zealand scientist George
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How Long Is Ninety Mile Beach?

When asked “how long is ninety mile beach” you would think that the answer is obvious … 90 miles or about 145 kilometers. But NO … our Northland beach known as ninety mile beach is actually just fifty five miles long! That’s just under 90 kilometers long. So How Did The Beach Get The Name “Ninety
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How Many Different Types Of Kiwi Are There?

Kiwi are our national bird and yet many of us know very little about the kiwi. So it was interesting recently when at a quiz night we were asked how many different types of kiwi are there? I’m not sure how many people got the right answer, but the discussion was interesting and ultimately we got
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Lawrence Was The Birthplace Of New Zealand Cycling

Lawrence in Otago is believed to be the birthplace of the very first bike in New Zealand, so by default the start of New Zealand cycling. In 1893 it is reported that a Patrick O’Leary aged just 20-years old and an employee of Matthews and Chalmers Blacksmiths made the very first two-wheeler bicycle in New Zealand.
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The Shortest Day For 2017

The shortest day is still 24-hours, but the daylight hours are measured from sunrise to sunset and in the city of sails Auckland on Wednesday June 21st 2017 the sun rises at 7.34 am and sets at 5.10pm meaning that we have about 9-hours and 38-minutes of daylight hours. That’s not a very long time to
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Auckland Affectionately Known As The City of Sails

Auckland has been affectionately known by the locals as the ‘City of Sails’ for a long time. The phrase the City of Sails seems logical for those that know Auckland, because the harbour is often dotted with hundreds of yachts especially on those summer weekends. In fact Auckland has more yachts per capita than any other
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New Zealand Is Quite A Small Country … But How Small?

As you may know New Zealand is quite a small country. The country is known as Aotearoa or the Land of the Long White Cloud and is nearly 270,000 sq km’s. This means we are a bit larger than the United Kingdom (243,610 sq km) and a bit smaller than Japan which is about 377,915
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It’s Friday But Why – Why Is Today Called Friday?

Sometimes you wake up with a nagging need to find the answer to a simple question and today (being Friday) I wanted to know why today is called Friday. So I did some research and here is some light reading for you. Why Is Today Called Friday? Wikipedia is often a ‘go to’ place to find
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The Unique Sounds That Kiwi Make

Kiwis … and the sounds that kiwis make. I have heard those sounds that kiwis make a few times but could not really explain the sound to the kids so I went to good old Google in search of a recording. You will see the link below to a recording, but I also thought I would look
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About The Auckland Harbour Bridge

How much do you know about the Auckland harbour bridge? Well, the Auckland harbour bridge took 4-years to build opened on 30 May 1959.  It started with an open day which saw 106,000 people walk across the bridge – it was an amazing project in it’s time and had the nation wondering how this would change Auckland.
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