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Insurance is a subject that people try to avoid, but it is something that most of us need.

The challenge is finding where to get sound and common sense advice, rather than being “sold” a whole lot of insurance that you don’t really need. You could ask someone at the bank, take out insurance from a door to door insurance salesman, or maybe you should ask your insurance adviser.

Claim time is usually when you find out if your insurance is going to work – and that is too late if it is not going to work.

Stuart Wills, Your Insurance Adviser

I started “selling” insurance in 1997.

Unlike most insurance people, I did not choose to work for one of the large companies and go through the insurance sales training that they offered but instead wanted to remain independent and therefore be able to offer people what they needed from a selection of insurers.

I am glad I choose to do things this way, and today as a leading New Zealand insurance adviser I remain just as focused on offering the best choices to people I work with.

Get Good Honest Insurance Advice

Yes, I know that good honest insurance advice is hard to get.

When you select myself as your insurance adviser you will get good honest insurance advice – I promise!

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Reasons Why You Should Review Your Insurance NOW

Have you had a close look at your insurance recently?

Why Review Your InsuranceReview Your Insurance

Nothing in life remains the same and yet many people fail to review or make any changes to their insurances even when they know they have made changes in their lives which have changed the risks.

Ask yourself if something has changed;

  • Have you taken on more debt or paid debt off?
  • Have you or your partner changed jobs or had a change in income?
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5 Tips When Shopping For A Life Insurance Policy

The problem with any life insurance policy, is that those who need it most don’t have anything. Or in some cases they have minimal cover or claim they can’t get it due to their health.

Of course it’s distressing as an insurance adviser or a family friend to learn how few people with young kids have life insurance or any insurance especially mortgage protection insurance which is the one insurance policy designed to protect your family and keep you family home for your family.

Who Needs A Life Insurance  Policy?

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How To Buy Cheap Mortgage Protection Cover

Insurance is a product where you are buying a bit of paper (the policy document) with a promise that in the event of a certain event happening you will be compensated for the financial loss. Of course the hope is you will never need to find out how good that promise really is.

So how do you select the best option, or should you just go for a cheap mortgage protection cover?

Comparing Mortgage Protection

How To Buy Cheap Mortgage Protection CoverMake sure you compare apples with apples.

Whenever you purchase a product or service and are looking at the prices you need to ensure that you are comparing apples with applesRead More »

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