How To Remember Peoples Names & Build Your Database

In business we are always told that we need to build our database (our list) and while that is fine, those that are most successful are able to remember peoples names and therefore seem as though they really have a connection with their clients and prospects.

So there are two issues here;

  1. Building your database or list – not just on social media
  2. Learning how to remember peoples names

In real terms these are separate tasks or skills, but in practice these should be done as one process.

Social Media Is Not Your List

Some People rely on social media – Facebook or LinkedIn.

Social media is a good way to keep in touch with people and it can be a good source of leads, but should not replace having your own list of clients and prospects.

Definitely use social media and set up a Business Page and try to build your followers and from this you can build your own database too.

Building Your Database Or List

In many businesses we refer to a database as a list of clients and prospects which contains data about those people.

Having a good database enables us to tailor our product or service offering to a specific group of people. This is the most efficient way to operate in the fact that our customers and prospects only see information that interests them, and therefore are more likely to engage in what is being provided to them. Just as importantly as a business owner it means we are not wasting time and money marketing to people that really have minimal interest in that specific product or service offering.

Most people and most of your competitors do not actively build or manage a database, so by mastering this skill and doing consistent work on your database you will soon overtake your competitors in business.

The key is to have a plan and set targets.

How To Remember Peoples Names & Build Your Database

Even when I go to networking events I focus on having a target – my target maybe to meet three new people that I can add to my database.

Learning How To Remember Peoples Names

Remembering peoples names is a skill that has eluded me, but I am getting better at it.

I read in an article supplied by the online networking group Sticky Handshake that people don’t remember your name until they’ve seen it 7-10 times, and as much as we like to think that people won’t forget us, the sad truth is that without good repetition and follow up, your name will fall into the abyss of “who was that person again?…”

There are many ideas that make remembering names easier, and they all involve repetition to train your brain.

Here are some of the ones that I use;

  • I was recently at a party and met a guy who said he always repeats a persons name back to them in conversation at least three times after being introduced.
  • I will now immediately add new people into my database or if at a social function I set a reminder to do this.
  • Once added to my database I then send an email to acknowledge meeting them. I have a template set up in my Outlook (the email system I use) and then personalise it using any information from what we talked about and of course using their name three times.
  • With that person now added to your database they will also start to receive your monthly e-newsletter and the few seemingly ad-hoc announcements that you send out.

Of course there are plenty of variations that people use to remember peoples names and build their database, and this is what I use.

The key is to do something – focus on it and keep working on this so it becomes something that you do without having to think about it.

We have said that most successful are able to remember peoples names and therefore seem as though they really have a connection with their clients and prospects. The reality is that once you have a process that you use, you will start to remember peoples names and automatically you will build a connection with your clients and prospects which of course will help in business.