How Do You Manage Social Media For Your Business?

If you run a small business, you probably want to get your business and yourself on social media.

Like many small businesses doing social media posts and making sure that they are regular is not easy.

Unless your business is in the business to manage social media, then you probably have other things to focus on.

Like a mortgage adviser should focus on arranging finance, an accountant on the numbers, a dentist on the teeth and even many people that have started or plan to start an online business as a side hustle will have other things to focus on.

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms is something that you know you should do but it can be a chore that is not done well.

How Do You Manage Social Media?

Most small business owners that I talk to either are quite ad-hoc with their social media or are obsessed and spend hours on it.

I want to be able to push posts out to my social media on a regular basis, but found that I never kept to a planned approach … work and life got in the way.

I then tried various tools so that I could have them programmed in advance to post regularly.

Some of the tools were complex and expensive, but after trying a few I ended up with Sendible which I have found simple and very good.

It has been good knowing that I now have an easy way to manage social media on all my platforms, so don’t have to be posting every day or every week.

Sendible to manage social media posts