We Talk About Home Business

Why Do I Talk About Home Business?

talk about home businessWe have all just emerged from the Global Financial Crisis and many people that I talk to are concerned about their financial situation – they never again want to be under the financial pressures that they have endured over the past few years.

We all want to earn  more and often our bosses are limited in what they can pay us.

The easiest way to secure your financial future is to pay off debt and have a passive investment income so you do not have to rely on your 9-5 job to feed the family and pay the bills.

This is a key reason that many people now want to make money from home, and a very good reason why we started talking about home business too.

How To Pay Off Debt

Paying off debt can be a slow and tedious process, but it is definitely worthwhile. We talk about debt reduction a lot with people and have written about this subject too.

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The other way to pay your debt off much more quickly is to have a larger surplus income – to earn more or spend less.

Working From Home

Lets talk about home business.

This typically means working another job or having a business that you can scale up. Today with the internet being so available we are seeing people find opportunities to work form home in a very part-time way and make additional income.

Some of these job / opportunities might add a few hundred dollars to the monthly family budget, while others might be in the thousands. A lot of this depends on the business, the money you are prepared to invest and the time you are willing to dedicate to any business.

Online Stores

Having your own online store may seem too complex; however they need not be complex.

If you want to create your own online e-commerce store, and become independent – then I highly recommend SaleHoo Stores. It is an all-inclusive package including the website, hosting, logo and more. Their support staff is the best in the industry and they will help you with any problem – and actually care about your business. To find out more, take a look for yourself here:

What will I sell?

Start by getting some ideas on what sort of products you would like to sell. It’s always best to sell things you are interested in or that you have some kind of experience in, e.g. if you have previously worked in a mountain bike store, you will have plenty of background experience and knowledge. Similarly, if you are a keen golfer, selling golfing accessories might be a good idea for you.

Research what some the of best items to sell are to get a few ideas, but don’t be tempted to enter into highly competitive markets like iPods and DVDs – you are much better off selling a niche item that will appeal to a very narrow audience and then expanding later.

You will need to find a wholesale supplier to work with that is reliable and preferably where you can purchase products online and have shipped directly to the buyers rather than having to hold inventory yourself.
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Make Money Blogging

There are plenty of examples of people that make money blogging too.

With people using the internet more and more for research and just for the entertainment value there is a real demand for blogs for people to follow. In the same way that this blog has followers and gets people browsing the articles, you could create your own blog and have people following that too.

The key is to have information that people like and find useful.

This could be on any given subject. This blog is basically focused on mortgages and finance which is the main part of the business I am involved in, but your blog could be based on an interest or hobby that you have – or anything really.

With your blog you can make money from advertising, affiliate marketing or promoting various products and business concepts.

Advertising – if you have traffic (people) coming to your blog or website then there is an opportunity to have advertisements on the site. There are different types when you get paid for each person that clicks the link or each person that buys a product. There are also various companies that make the advertising available including large online businesses like Google, Amazon and others.

Affiliate marketing – like advertising, affiliate marketing is having banners and links on your blog. When people click on those links and go on and buy products you get paid a referral fee by the supplier. Some of the banners on this blog do exactly that and create income for me.

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