Get Your Jabra Stealth UC Bluetooth Headsets Online For Less

When I decided to purchase the Jabra Stealth UC headsets I checked the price first and am glad that I did.

It’s easy to buy stuff locally and in many ways we want to support the New Zealand companies too; however it’s always a good idea to at least check the prices that you can buy online for before spending your hard earned money.

Jabra Stealth UC

I Just Purchased The Jabra Stealth UC Headsets

Our phone and IT people both recommended Jabra as the brand to get.

The Jabra Stealth is called the next-generation Bluetooth® headset and is significantly smaller, lighter, more discreet and offers better comfort and longer talk time than the previous models.

Feature include;

  • HD sound with noise reduction for crystal clear sound at both ends of phone calls
  • Superior comfort
  • Small discrete design
  • Dedicated voice control button
  • Small, discreet design incorporating microPOWER technology. 
  • A2DP for music streaming
  • Jabra Assist App helps you locate your headset using GPS tracking
  • Easy pairing to smartphones and other devices with NFC, as well as Multiuse to pair to 2 devices at the same time
  • 6 hours of talk time and an energy-saving PowerNap function

It had all the features that we wanted for our new VOIP office phone system.

As mortgage brokers we need a smart phone solution and we have selected Dialpad through the New Zealand provider iTeaspoon.

Check Your Prices

I used the Price Me website to check for the best prices in New Zealand.

Prices for the Jabra Stealth UC ranged from NZ$180 to $220

I was buying five for the office so this was looking like costing NZ$900+

Of course I could have just accepted that price, but as I have purchased other items online and found it easy I decided to check and see what the cost would be.

To my amazement I picked up some Jabra Stealth UC headsets at a special low price, meaning my total cost was less than half what I was about to pay.