Create e-Books As Give-Aways

Have you ever wanted to create e-books but simply can’t find the time?

My name is Stuart Wills and I went searching for something that could help me easily create e-books online and after trying a few I came across the Designrr App. I must admit I was skeptical at first as it seemed too easy and too cheap, but I purchase this and have been amazed how easy it really is to use.

If you’ve done any blogging then there is a good chance you will already have a lot of content on your blog or website.

  • Designrr creates e-books and lead magnets from any web page.
  • It removes all the ads, social icons, page navigation etc.. so you end up with pure content.
  • It helps you create a stunning e-book complete with headers/footers/cover page with no outside design help.
  • You can then publish this as a pdf.
  • You can set a cover image, font styles even add new images from online image libraries.
  • You can then give away or market your e-book

Its got to be seen to be believed.

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Watch the demo video;

You can easily create e-books online with Designrr App.

This is what you get:

> Lifetime access to the Designrr software platform
> Access to unlimited images from copyright free image libraries
> Includes 720 Google fonts for any look desire
> Unlimited copyright free unsplash images so need for expensive stock photography
> 21 customizable themes to save time creating your e-book
> Create unlimited lead magnets, pdfs and e-books
> 30 day money back guarantee

As well as being able to provide an e-book as a give-away, you can use your e-book to help boost the SEO ranking on your website or your blog to attract even more visitors.

My First e-Book

Like I said, I wanted to create an e-book to give away and share my knowledge.

The problem I had is I tried and most software was either too complex to use or too expensive – or both.

I didn’t give up and eventually came across Designrr – which is an App which allows me to create e-books online.

Here is my first e-book; “Refinancing Your Mortgage Often Makes Sense


Of course, being my first e-book it is not perfect but I think it is not bad either. The messages are all okay and when I compare it to other e-books that I have downloaded I believe it is very good and has a lot of really good information too.

Now that I have access to the software and are getting familiar with it I am able to easily create e-books and other downloads like checklists and handouts etc easily, so you will see more.

The great thing is the ease of use…

I might even publish a more indepth e-book to sell which might make extra money for me while I sleep.

Create e-Books To Boost SEO

A part of your overall e-book marketing strategy should include guest blogging, chatting in various forums, submitting your e-book site to directories; hence getting backlinks coming from numerous sources.

You then use social media to link to those specific articles or directories where your e-book has been mentioned.

Have a look at this software – you will be amazed at how cheap it is!