How Can I Make Money From My Blog

Blogging and commenting on social media have become a popular pastime and more people are now asking how I can make money from my blog?

It’s all very well to spend time online commenting and sharing ideas with people, but as they say “time is money” and therefore it’s always good if you can make money doing something that you enjoy. But the question is really how I can make money from my blog or from social media?

Give People What They Want

The easiest way to make money from blogs is providing ‘stuff’ that people might want.

Firstly you need to provide information that people are interested in so that they spend time on your blog. I personally have a few sections (categories) within my blog that are a bit quirky but which are really designed to be interesting for people so they start spending more time on my blog.

Kiwi Trivia – is where I write various bits about New Zealand.

Interesting New Zealand – this is more about New Zealand but possibly a bit more serious.

Marketing Ideas That Might Work – as the heading says, this is where I share some marketing ideas.

Marketing Tools To Use – again, like the heading these are some marketing tools that I have seen or use.

Different sections will appeal to different people.

The more people who spend time on my blog the better as they might see some advertising for a product that interests them, so they click on that link and if they chose to purchase the product then I get paid a commission.

On this blog you will see various advertisements – some are to promote my own business as a New Zealand mortgage broker, but others are affiliate links where I get paid a commission for any sales made.

Why You Need A Blog

Lot’s of people do not have a blog and instead rely on social media.

I have always preferred to have my own personal blog for a number of reasons;

It gives me control – the rules for using social media are constantly changing. While I share a lot of my blog posts on social media, by having my own blog I can write more about what I want and can change the posts as I want too. I have control and can then share on social media when I want.

People can view more – on social media people tend to just read the article that you posted last, whereas on a blog people are more likely to view other related posts.

I can include advertising – and this is where I can make money from my blog.

make money from my blog or from social media

People Buy Online – So Make It Easy

We know that people will buy products and services online, but typically we might recommend something on social media and get absolutely nothing for our efforts.

If you want to make money from my blog or from social media then you need to find some products that you can talk about and promote.

There are plenty of online marketplaces that make this easy for you.

One of my favorites is a business called JVZoo.

Why I Selected JVZoo & Why You Should Too

JVZoo is an affiliate marketing platform that allows sellers to easily list, promote, and sell their products, and affiliate marketers to easily find interesting products at great prices to promote. There are thousands of products already on the marketplace, and more are released every month.

To promote products you need to sign up as an affiliate with JVZoo and then get permission to promote the products that you want.

If you want to promote products then it is best to try the product for yourself first, or at least research it fully. There is nothing worse than misleading people where they end up purchasing something that you have recommended, only to find it is not very good.

There are plenty of other affiliate marketing platforms, but you really need to focus on one and for me that choice was JVZoo.

I Love The JVZoo Training Too

When you get started, or even if you have been doing something for a while then getting good training can make all the difference to how successful you will be.

Recently the JVZoo Academy was released and I grabbed it straight away.

It’s all very well to spend time online commenting and sharing ideas with people, but you can also make money doing something that you enjoy.

This is how I can make money from my blog and maybe it’s time for you to start too.