Business Networking Is About Helping Small Business Owners

New Zealand is full of small businesses owners and while some will become very successful, many will just plod along.

For those small business owners that really do want to grow their businesses a networking group is a good option.

Business Networking In West Auckland

There have been a number of business networking groups in West Auckland but when we relocated our mortgage broking business from Henderson to Hobsonville we realised that there were no groups operating in the new area being established around the Westgate area, and due to the number of new businesses we felt that there was a real need for one.

We established the new business networking group in Westgate, West Auckland. This is right in the middle of a huge growing area of both residential and business. Many of those businesses will be start-up’s or small businesses that have moved into the area to take advantage of the opportunities that the increased population and development will bring.

This means there will also be a need to have support networks for small business owners and one really good way for those people to get support is to meet regularly with other business owners – otherwise known as business networking.


Connect With People You Want To Do Business With

There are many benefits in joining a business networking group, and one of the key reasons is to connect with people that you want to do business with or other businesses that you can work with.


Recently through business networking we had two businesses that were able to connect;

Stealing Spaces provides racks which are a high quality ceiling mounted storage system designed for NZ homes.  Mounting racks from the ceiling frees up floor space and may even allow your car in the garage but they needed to have reliable installers.

Diverse Installs is a local business that specialise in doing installs and venting of rangehoods, clothes dryers and bathroom fans.

After getting to know these businesses and understanding their requirements we were able to introduce them and they are now working together to provide solutions for their customers.

These are two small businesses that were able to connect through an introduction made from our business networking group – BNI Westgate.

There are other examples of local small business owners connecting directly from an introduction at our BNI group.

Why I Believe BNI Works

Over the years I have looked at and belonged to various networking groups. Where BNI is different is that it provides members with a structure and a plan to enable them to network in a deliberate and professional manner. Many of the other groups are more casual and while that may be easier, it just didn’t work for me.

The BNI group at Westgate is a structured weekly networking meeting over breakfast which focuses on learning and positive business outcomes. It is on a Thursday morning and starts early at 7.00am and finishes at 8.30am so that it does not impact too much on a business owners work day.

Being a group that meets weekly is one of the reasons that BNI works better than most business groups. I have belonged to groups that meet monthly and 2-weekly and its hard to keep the members focused whereas while initially meeting weekly may seem a little too often, it keeps the members focused and ultimately produces better results – more and better business referrals.

You will get business from being a member in this group.

With BNI there will always be just one member from any business category and this has often meant it has been hard for some people to join a group; however being a reasonably new group there are still places available for many of those “hard to get” business categories.

CLICK HERE to see if there is already a member in your business category.

business networking

This video explains a little about why this business networking group is successful;

Visit Our Local BNI Group

We are encouraging members and prospective members to share this opportunity with people they know and/or want to do business with to ensure that this does become a very effective networking group.

Of course I would love you to visit our local Westgate group but I understand that this will not suit everyone due to location, the time we meet (Thursday’s) or there may already be a member in a similar business. The best way to find out more about how BNI works is to go to a local meeting and see for yourself what it’s like.

For small business owners who want to grow their businesses a networking group is a really good option.