In Business & Life We Strive For Excellence

As a Kiwi today it is easy to think of the manner in which many of my country people strive for excellence as I watch the Hurricanes on television and think of the Olympic team getting ready to compete.

In Business We Strive For Excellence

Most people go into business with the intention of being successful, but unfortunately most fail.

We all know when we are winners.

In business most people measure success in dollars – profits.

There are plenty of people in business that would be deemed as successful and some of those would not have money or profits as a driving factor; however many business coaches and accountants would only ever measure success if you have profits to show for your efforts.

As a mortgage broker success is extremely important as we are dealing with peoples lives and dreams.

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In sport it is easier!

Chequed Flag

In Sport There Is Only One Winner

I love the fact that sports people strive to win!

There is a winner and the first loser and nobody wants to be anything but the winner.Of course in to days “PC” world there are the people that say participation is important, but they are the people that have generally never won much.

Today the Wellington Hurricanes beat the South African Lions, so the Hurricanes won and the Lions didn’t … end of story!

Of course both come to the game to strive for excellence, but there is only one winner.