The Bestselling Guide To Marketing On Facebook

We all know how popular Facebook is and hear stories of people that use it to generate leads for their business – any business.

As the second most-visited site on the web, Facebook offers myriad marketing opportunities and a host of new marketing tools which help you generate business leads … if you know how it works.

In my business as a New Zealand mortgage broker my time is best spent working with clients; however the business still needs marketing to ensure that we have clients to work with. We can therefore either engage a marketing expert at a cost, or do some marketing on our own. The advantages today is the availability of social media like Facebook, but it’s only an advantage if you know how to get the best results without spending too much time.

Sometimes that means spending a few dollars to learn the best strategies.

Have You Got An Hour A Day?

This book is the bestselling guide to marketing on Facebook.

It explains how to develop a winning strategy, implement a campaign, measure results, and produce usable reports. Case studies, step-by-step directions, and hands-on tutorials in the popular Hour-a-Day format make this the perfect handbook for maximizing marketing efforts on Facebook.

  • This revised guide fills you in on the latest Facebook conventions, tools, and demographics, and outlines the important strategic considerations for planning a campaign
  • Takes you step by step through crafting an initial Facebook presence, developing an overall marketing strategy, setting goals, defining metrics, developing reports, and integrating your strategy with other marketing activities
  • Covers using features such as events, applications, and pay-per-click advertising
  • Includes case studies and directions for updating, monitoring, and maintaining your campaign

This popular guide is packed with up-to-date information to help you develop, implement, measure, and maintain a successful Facebook marketing program.

It might be the best money you ever spent on marketing.

I believe this bestselling guide to marketing on Facebook is worth every dollar … and it’s not expensive!