What Is The Best Small Business Marketing?

I have been in business for myself for almost 20-years and have like most small business owners I have tried all sorts of marketing to try and increase my sales, and one stands out as both the most successful and best value for money too – BNI.

Business Network International (BNI) is a concept that business owners need to know about.

This Mornings BNI Meeting – Westgate Group


In June 2015 I was instrumental in setting up a new group in the fast growing area of North West Auckland.

We named the group the Westgate Chapter, and meet every Thursday at The Brigham in Whenuapai. This morning we had a visitors day and it was a great meeting with 38 local business people getting together to discuss business and share ideas.

A Great Mix Of Business People

I’m sure the perception is that business groups are for the “suits and tie brigade” but with this BNI group that is not the case. We have a very diverse group of people and that is what keeps the members enthusiastic about the meetings.

Of course there is the business that is generated too.

BNI is the best small business marketing and provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals. It does so by helping you build personal relationships with dozens of other qualified business professionals.

Our group has a range of people that live and work in the local area, but we are also looking to grow the group.

What Do The Members Say?

One of our members is Frederick Müller who owns a film business called Inspire Films, and being the clever guy he is, he put together a video for our group which has been adopted by BNI New Zealand to help explain how joining a BNI networking group can really help your business.

Take a look at the video – and yes even your’s truly is on there!

Yes, there is a real mix of people.

Today’s Meeting

Today we had a great meeting where we invited some people along to have  a look at how the BNI meetings work and so they could see how it differs from so many other networking groups.

I got to add my two cents worth – I explained my thoughts when I joined and told the story of how I joined the Titirangi group before this group existed, I went to to talk a little about the amount of business that I have got both from the members, but more importantly from the people they know either personally or through business.

There were 38 people at the meeting today.

That is 37 people that now know a little bit about me and my business and they are now my sales team out there looking for business for me. Over the weeks and months ahead I get to train them about what I do, how I can offer a benefit to people they meet and how they can identify people that I should talk to.

As a business person today I was introduced to 37 other people that can help me grow my business and that is why I am passionate about BNI and way I say that it is the best small business marketing most people will ever do.