Are You Happy With The Changes To Auckland’s Rates?

Have You Heard About The Changes To Auckland Rates? As we all know, the Auckland Council has changed the way they are going to collect rates from home owners. Oh…

Learn How To Choose Mortgage Cover

Most people do not know how to choose mortgage cover or even know they have a choice, but they do and that is why the Mortgage Protection website was created.

How To Choose Mortgage Cover

Choose Your Mortgage Cover

Too often mortgage brokers hear of people who believe they must take out the mortgage protection insurance that the bank offers.

Of course, the bank staff do not try to suggest differently!

But, there is absolutely nothing to say you need to take the

The David (The Bank) & Goliath (Insurance Adviser)

As an insurance adviser I feel it is my job to know all of the options and therefore to be able to give an honest opinion on the various policies…

Finding The Best Income Protection Policy

What Is The Best Income Protection Policy?

best income protection policyIt is not always easy to know what the differences are in all the income covers. You might pick up a brochure from your bank, or see an insurance company advertising and every policy sounds like a good one. The fact is that the insurance companies design and price the policies so that they can easily be sold, and therefore you would expect them to be good polices.

What Makes A Good Income Protection Policy?

Insurance advisers, the banks and even the various insurance companies all have their own opinions so how could anyone be expected to