Absolutely Everyone Should Have A Personal Blog

personal blogWhy Do I Think Everyone Needs A Personal Blog?

We are all in a business of promoting ourselves.

It doesn’t matter if we are employed or self-employed, we all should be promoting ourselves so that we create a value around “our brand” and therefore can either demand a higher pay packet or attract more prospects to our business because they know who we are and respect our opinion.

Stuart Wills is a self employed mortgage broker and insurance adviser with Mortgage Link in New Zealand, but because I have created a profile I could change careers and I already have a network of people that trust me and respect what I have to say.

The thing is that having your own personal blog is no longer expensive, and in actual fact they can pay for themselves. If you are prepared to advertise some of the products that you use you can earn an affiliate income too – just another reason to have your own personal blog. I use GVO Web Hosting Services for my personal blog and for business websites. GVO stands for Global Virtual Opportunities as the web hosting comes with a range of online tools that you can use for your business as well as an income opportunity built in to the program whereby you earn money if you refer people to that web hosting provider.

Creating Yourself As A Brand

People buy off people – you buy off other people…

The most powerful sort of marketing is referral marketing as when you are referred to someone you instantly have a higher element of trust as someone you know has thought highly enough of that person to recommend them to you.

Getting referrals is easy in some businesses, but harder in others.

Personally I operate in two markets; mortgages and insurance, but they are quite different in regards to how people see them.

The mortgage business is easy – or at least it is now that we have established the business and have a finance blog that shows up number #1 with Google on our main search terms. We now get a constant stream of referrals for mortgages and finance because these are products that people want and also talk about.

Insurance is totally different – people hate talking about insurance and think of all insurance advisers as “salespeople” who will do the hard-sell and try to make you spend a lot more than you ever wanted to. The sad fact is that many people are under insured or have insurance that will not provide the level of protection they think it will, but they have had enough of insurance people and therefore are not really willing to listen to another “insurance salesperson” who may suggest that they make changes and have more tests.

But, I never stop marketing.

Marketing is not just about spending money n advertising, which by the way we do not do.

In my business as a mortgage broker and insurance adviser there is always plenty to talk about and therefore I enjoy doing blogs and sharing them on social media and making them available to other businesses. I also attend regular networking events and grab every opportunity to talk about my business or the market we work in.

We use email newsletter to keep our brands in front of our customers and find that our blogs work well at explaining more about what we do and also attracts new business. Some of this business comes from others sharing our blogs and information, but now we are getting a lot of enquiry from people that have found us from searching on Google.

Social MediaWhy Not Just Use Social Media?

Social media is the way of the world today but sometimes things get a little lost.

A Personal Blog Is Better Than Social Media

You can create profile through social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, but having a personal blog as well helps ensure that your messages do not get lost. When people come to my personal blog they are here to find out what I have to say and tend to stay on my message much longer than they would on social media where they can easily be distracted.

This does not mean you stop having any presence on social media.

Social Media Is Still Important

The great thing about social media is you can easily connect with people that are friends and associates of friends and associates of yours. This way you can easily expand your network of people, and therefore prospective customers for you, business partners or employers.

The unfortunate problem is most people use social media purely for “social” or personal issues and completely miss the huge opportunity that is represents for any business. With over 1 billion users on Facebook every month and over 200 million professionals on LinkedIn these two social media platforms should not be ignored, but should be used correctly.

I suggest that people get some help and there is plenty of online training available, but I personally have purchased and suggest you Discover the Facebook System and  also get the Online LinkedIn Marketing Course to stop you making the same mistakes I did when I first looked at these social media giants.

Automate The Process

I d not believe in automating everything, especially if you are in a service business and/or believe that people buy off people.

Buy there are a number of processes that you can automate.

This is evident with operating a personal blog online where I have a number of automated processes working in the background. One of my favorites is when I “click” publish to this blog it will automatically share this on a number of other sites and social media sites too and I do not have to life a finger.

When Will You Get Your Own Blog?

Most people that read this will do nothing.

Some will do nothing because they think that they do not need a personal blog, others will do nothing because they do not have time and some will think it is too difficult.

If you believe that you do not need a personal blog then that is something that you believe – and that is your choice.

If you don’t have time then I suggest you look at what you are really spending your time doing. I know before I started focusing on a website and blog I was always looking (and spending time) for new prospects, but now I can concentrate on doing income producing work.

If you think it is too difficult then I would suggest you try again – blogs and websites are not so easy to set up and operate.

There really are no excuses.

You can set up your own personal blog costing you peanuts, you can build yourself as a brand and you can even set up your personal blog to earn some money too.

Absolutely Everyone Should Have A Personal Blog!