Would You Buy Cheap Insurance

cheap insuranceWe all think we want cheaper insurance premiums and to be able to apply for the cover we want using an online system or a simple application form.

Yes, we all think that this would be much better.

In life you can get away with buying some cheap stuff.

Cheap wine might not taste to great and may even make you ill, but it is unlikely to cause any long-term effect on you. Drinking cheap wine will also not have a huge impact on you or your family financially.

But some things like insurance can have a huge impact and with products like insurance you may not know how bad it is until many years later.

The r

Why Banks Sell You Mortgage Cover

Have you ever wondered why banks sell you mortgage cover?

You Have Just Got A Mortgage

You have just gone through the process of getting a mortgage so that you can buy your new home and while you are exited and grateful to have been approved for the home loan, you are now being asked about mortgage cover.

It seems like a good idea… but do you really need the mortgage cover that the bank are suggesting?

Did You Want A Mortgage?

Of course you did not want a mortgage, but you did want the new home!

House 4

Unfortunately for most people a new home does not come without a home loan.

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Include Life Insurance Cover In Your Mortgage Protection Plans

If you have a family or a mortgage should consider taking out life insurance cover to protect your loved ones should you die.

life insurance cover

In exchange for a relatively small insurance premium, a lump sum (the sum assured as specified in your life insurance policy) is paid out in the event of the death of the person insured. In most life insurance policies this would also be paid if that person becomes terminally ill.

What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Life insurance cover can cover the costs of your  mortgage (and other debts), the funeral expenses, and the living costs for the surviving family members.

Pay Off Your Mortg

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Learn How To Choose Mortgage Cover

Most people do not know how to choose mortgage cover or even know they have a choice, but they do and that is why the Mortgage Protection website was created.

How To Choose Mortgage Cover

Choose Your Mortgage Cover

Too often mortgage brokers hear of people who believe they must take out the mortgage protection insurance that the bank offers.

Of course, the bank staff do not try to suggest differently!

But, there is absolutely nothing to say you need to take the