A Robot Vacuum Cleaner For the Guy That Hates Housework

How cool would that be – a robot vacuum cleaner to do the housework for you.

This is the thing of dreams, one of those appliances that you might expect to have seen on the ‘Jetsons’ but it is now real and available at a price that is almost acceptable.

The title on this blog might be a little sexist, but I am a guy and I am writing this so I guess it is more aimed at me than trying to say that women wouldn’t appreciate a robot vacuum cleaner just as much. Oh, and yes I do use the vacuum too…

Is This A Waste Of Money?

You can buy one of these Miele robot vacuum cleaners at the New Zealand Miele shop and that might cost you $1,299

So you need to compare that to what you would spend on a standard vacuum cleaner.

Of course more Kiwis are buying online from places like Amazon and you can CLICK HERE to check out what that might cost.

Who Needs An Automatic Vacuum

Why … everyone needs one!

It sounds like the best appliance ever.

A robot that can do the chores for you – without complaining.

If you could spend money what would you spend it on?

  • Food … of course that is needed but unless you are talking about good food it could be a bit boring.
  • Electricity … again needed, but boring too.
  • A new car … could be fun if you spend enough – a McLaren would be nice

Of course, if you need to finance your purchases then as a New Zealand mortgage broker I must just be able to help there too.