My 60-Seconds At BNI For 25th September 2014

I belong to a BNI (Business Network International) chapter in Titirangi and each Thursday we have a breakfast meeting where I attend as a mortgage broker.


Why I Attend BNI Meetings

Business Network International (BNI) is a networking meeting where like-minded business people get together weekly to learn about each others businesses and to see if we can find business for other members.

At each meeting we get 60-seconds to share a little about our business and then one member typically gets 10-minutes to present on their business. The 60-seconds goes very fast, but it gives you a little bit of time to share something about what you do or let the other members know the types of customers that you are looking for.

While this is a serious business meeting, we do have a few laughs too.

The Focus Of My 60-Seconds For This Week

As a mortgage broker this week I explained some of the deals that I have been working on;

A client who purchased a new home in Riverhead.

This property purchase was subject to selling their existing home in Kumeu and we had worked on the basis that after the sale they would have a 20% deposit for the new purchase; however they accepted a lower than expected price on their home after it failed to sell at auction and this left only 10% deposit on the new purchase – meaning we are very limited with the lenders that we can use.

A client from USA who has two houses going to mortgagee sale

These clients reside in USA and have two properties in Auckland. For reasons not clear the mortgage with Kiwibank had fallen into arrears and therefore the bank had gone through the process of taking these houses to a mortgagee sale. The auction was scheduled for Thursday at 1pm and therefore after receiving the paperwork on Wednesday evening we had until 10am to get the loan unconditionally approved so that the mortgagee sale could be halted.

We are pleased to report that we managed to do this.

We have a new Mortgage Link office opening in Auckland

I advised the chapter that we have a new Mortgage Link office opening in the Newmarket area of Auckland.

Referrals To Other BNI Chapter Members

I always keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities to refer people to other BNI chapter members where appropriate.

This week I had just two referrals;

  1. For Sarah at Property InDepth who is doing a registered valuation on a property for a client who we have arranged a mortgage for.
  2. For Jeff at Mint Signs who is talking to the new Mortgage Link offer about sign-writing a vehicle.

Marketing My Business

As a self-employed business owner I need to find new customers to do business with and BNI is a great networking opportunity for small business owners. As well as the formal part of the meetings I also try to ensure I get there a little early for a coffee and a chat with other members, and when possible I will also spend some time after the meetings as well.

Like all marketing, this does not happen without some effort and I encourage people to get the Power Networking System which shows them how to maximise the networking opportunities for BNI as well as any other opportunity to network.