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Welcome to my blog

This blog was created by Stuart Wills (that’s me!) and has been created to tell you a little bit about myself, my values and to show you what I do plus more importantly how I do it.

My name is Stuart Wills and I live with my wife and two children at Hobsonville Point in Auckland, New Zealand. We believe we have found a great place to live and as you can see by the photo we are situated close to the water (which I love) and just a few minutes walk or drive from my office which close to the motorway at Hobsonville.

My work is helping people to get the money they need – primarily sourcing mortgages to buy a family home, but also to fund other property and assets. More about that throughout this website…

The inspiration for creating my own blog came from a guy named Frank Rumbuskas who created sales strategies and advocated that anyone in business or sales needed to have their own online presence – separate to any business website or online marketing strategies.

This blog is therefore to promote myself and of course will also link to my business as a mortgage adviser as well.

To be successful in any business you need to be able to market yourself and any products that you “sell” or services that you offer.

This is where sales and marketing are important.

A friend of mine once argued that  the oldest profession is therefore not prostitution but rather it is sales. Even a prostitute needs to “sell” her services first!

Stuart Wills – A Top New Zealand Mortgage Broker

As a New Zealand mortgage broker or adviser in New Zealand I operate as a registered financial adviser (RFA) and I treat my work as a privilege rather than a job.

The work of a mortgage adviser involves a good knowledge of how finances work with the various banks and lenders plus importantly an appreciation for property and family. I love to research the various banks policies and provide information to the public through blogging both here on my personal blog and also on my main finance blog on the business website.

People believe that the hardest thing is getting the mortgage and one of the roles of a mortgage broker is to help make this possible for people.  I actually not getting the mortgage but believe and explain to people that the hardest thing is actually paying off the mortgage. This will often be a persons largest financial commitment and if you pay the minimum repayments as set by the banks it could take 30-years to pay off and during that time you will be paying a huge amount of interest which equates to the banks profits.

Helping People Pay Their Mortgages Off Faster

In my role as a mortgage broker I have advised hundreds (if not thousands) of people on how to structure their loans so they can pay their mortgage off faster. Some people have stuck at this and had good success, while most have probably fallen back into the bad habits that the banks like to promote and have not really gotten ahead with their finances. I have struggled with the question of how to keep people focused and looked at the various mortgage reduction systems available only to learn that while most may theoretically work, most don’t because people get distracted and do not stick to the plan.

This experience has taught me that to be successful with any mortgage reduction programme you need to have a system that keeps people constantly engaged and aware of the progress that they are making. With nothing on the market that really works for the everyday people, I decided to create my own online mortgage reduction programme which I named Eat My Mortgage. The concept being that your mortgage is the elephant in the room and seems huge, but if you chip away at it one bite at a time you will soon see progress… and have your mortgage paid off much faster with a huge saving too.

Over the years I have also had some great successes with people where I have helped them grow financially often from having almost nothing to having their own home and investment properties.

Kiwis Love Property Investment

Property is a Kiwi passion and most New Zealanders want to own their own home and also see owning rental properties as the key means of building wealth.

This has proven to be the case too over New Zealand’s short history with many of the more affluent people owning significant property holdings. The fact is that property is a great investment due to the scarcity and the demand created by the sheer numbers of Kiwi’s who want to buy property. New Zealand is also a great place for overseas people to invest in property and I have helped a lot of people from Australia buy property in New Zealand, but also from other countries like the UK, Europe (especially Germany and France), United States of America, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and to a lesser degree Norway, Spain, Russia and many others.

Of course the largest asset really is our ability to earn.

Therefore this is also the largest risk for most people that we work with. An income is what allows people to get ahead financially and it should be treated with the utmost importance; however most people overlook the importance of this.

You can use insurance to protect income, but the best way is to structure your income and investments so that income is not reliant on you being able to get out of bed each day to ‘earn’ money. This is where I have another passion for helping people create a passive income.

Self-Employed & Loving It!

There are challenges in being self-employed, but the great thing is you are 100% responsible for your success or your failure.

Yes, it is not always easy – being self-employed you will have some days where you really question what you are doing… but the greatest thing with being self-employed is to see your ideas drive success and this is what keep us going.

Being a mortgage broker we are able to help people achieve their dreams – to buy their first home, to renovate their home, to finance a business or to save a house from being sold at a mortgagee sale. Of course, we also are able to find the best finance options and then show people how to pay their mortgage off more quickly … and literally cut years off their mortgage and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Some people will refer to me as their ‘go to’ money person, their mortgage broker or financial adviser. Others will know me better as that Auckland mortgage broker that helped them get onto the property ladder or people living out of the country tend to think of me as the New Zealand mortgage broker or the Kiwi mortgage man.

We like to think we are able to help as many people as possible, from wherever they live!

In so many ways business and family life are inter-linked.

You need income to do the things that you want, and you need time to spend doing the things you want.

The key therefore is to find ways to be efficient and build a business that provides a good level of income without needing your input every step of the way.

Within this blog I share some of the ideas and things that have worked for me, and have created both a section focuses on marketing ideas that might work and marketing tools that might help too.

I make use of social media like Facebook and have set up a page called Small Business Marketing & Ideas which is a good place to share you ideas and thoughts.

Thanks for visiting my personal blog and I hope you come back to keep up with what I’m doing